Everyone and ANYONE is welcome! Every Thursday after school!

What does GSA stand for?

GSA stands for the Gay Straight Alliance Diversities. This is a club that provides a safe environment for anybody regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We know how difficult it is to be judged and although judgement itself is inevitable, here at GSA we try our best to help maintain and create a supportive place where you can meet lots of cool new people and just mingle free from any criticism.

Some of the stuff we'll be doing...

  • socializing
  • creating a platform where we as young activists can overcome homophobia
  • having fun! :)
  • supporting each other and sharing opinions

When we meet...

Meetings for the GSA will vary in time and location but for right now be prepared meet up in the library after school every Thursday from around 3:30pm-5pm. This doesnt mean that you guys have to stay until 5pm it's just a deadline on the absolute latest time our meetings will be until.


How it'll work...

There are a number of things that will occur if this club had actually proven to be successful in creating awareness to the LGBT community. If after the creation of this club people are significantly seen treating each other equally despite what people's sexual orientation or gender identity is, this club would've reached one of its main objectives. Another contributing factor for seeing how this club would be effective is if anybody who is either a part of the LGBT community or in the process of contemplating what their identity is could go out and socialize with their fellow peers without having to worry or be afraid to be ridiculed and criticized for being whatever it is that they are. Although these are just a few of the mainly evident, significant impacts that this club would be able to cause, there would be many more positive impacts and progressions to follow as this club begins to grow.