My Poems

By McKenna Fuchs

Language Arts


The mountains gleaming

The reflection of the dew

The sunrise shining its reflection.

2 limericks

There was a women with a sandal

The ground was too hot to handle

She tied her shoe

And heard a moo

And lighted her own candle.

Blank verse

I used to run

Where the grass was green

Now I lay here upon this ground

With this journal in my hand

Rhymed couplets

Amber danced with songs in her head

She Alan's refused to go to bed

She'd spin and spin until the sun would rise

And in her stomach she got butterflies

Amber learned to sing a song

Even though the dance was wrong

She always sang a nice tune

Even in the middle of June.


Jan ran on the street

She always wanted something to eat

She'd sing a song

And nothing ever went wrong


Kenna Grace loves candy

She finds it really handy

She needs a treat

For when she's on the street.