Hobbit Day

Be apart of our fun holiday!

Join one of the funnest holiday's all year!

On Hobbit Day you get to dress up different than what you usually wear, and you also get to wear no shoes! You get to be that Hobbit all day.

Hobbit Day is celebrated on September 22

We can celebrate Hobbit Day at school by, eating what Hobbits eat for example any type of meat,dear,buffalo,steak,etc. They also eat bread, grapes, vegetables and fruit.

Another way to celebrate is by dressing up like a Hobbit and acting like one of the Hobbits from the movies. Another way to celebrate this literary holiday is by wearing no

shoes in the school.

Some of the hobbits

You are guaranteed to have a blast and get to play some of your favorite characters.

Have fun and see you later!!!