The Patriot Progress

Community Five Upcoming Two Weeks: April 4- April 14

How Can I Impact My Environment?

As students studied the environment around them, the C5 lead learners found that students were really interested in the outdoor classroom. We are extending our study on environments, and we will evaluate "How Can I Impact My Environment?" Project groups will begin rotating on a two week schedule for the rest of the year. Each project group will participate in four projects with a different teacher. We will feature a different project over the next few Smores. All projects connect to our driving question focusing on our impact on the environment.

Planting Our Potatoes!

Content Areas


Students will be focusing on Informational Texts over the next few weeks. Students participated in a Informational Text scavenger hunt in class. They also learned the different types of text structures. Students will learn how to identify what type of text structure a nonfiction text is. This is what they will primarily focus on next week. Students will then focus in on finding the main idea and supporting details within an informational text the week after that. This will focus in on standards RI 5.2 and RI 5.5. We are looking at an assessment on Text Structures Thursday, April 7. Main Idea is scheduled to be assessed the next Friday, April 14. Finally, please note that some students will be pulled from project time to be retaught standards that they have not mastered. This week during Patriot Time we will be reteaching write an informative/explanatory text (which can be submitted when students are ready for reassessment), and then quoting accurately from the text the next Friday.

Wrap Up of Hatchet With Excellent Theme Mobiles!


Over the next few weeks we will be revisiting adding/subtracting and multiply/dividing fractions. We will also be pulling students for small groups during project time to reteach standards that they haven't mastered. Standards will be reassessed on Fridays during Patriot Time. Please continue to check your child's fresh grade and see which standards they haven't mastered. Also, spiral reviews are due every Friday. Please check over your child's work nightly.


Community Five is starting a new unit on potential and kinetic energy. We will be practicing the steps to the scientific method. Students will build life boats, use pendulums, catapults, and fly airplanes. They will graph all of the data they collect. This is a very exciting unit!


We are transitioning from our focus on the Revolutionary time period to the 1800's. We will introduce a research project starting tomorrow. This project will be assessed in two parts. The research will be assessed as part of ELA Standard W5.7 and W5.8. The product and presentation will be assessed as part of SS Standard 10.
Students will be able to choose from the following topics:
- The Lewis and Clark Expedition
- The Louisiana Purchase
- Texas-Mexican War
- Mexican-American War
- The California Gold Rush
- The Indian Removal Act

Students will need to create a presentation and an artifact as part of the project. There will be steps to each part of the research so students do not get overwhelmed. More details are to follow!

Here are a list of websites that students could use for research:

Yearbooks are for Sale!

Yearbooks are on sale at a discounted price of $45 until April 11. After April 11, the price goes up to $55. Please don't miss out on this chance to have Pike Road's Inaugural Yearbook! Order forms were sent home Friday afternoon with your child. Please send money and order form in to your homeroom teacher!
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Don't Miss Out THIS Tuesday!

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Atlanta Field Trip

Friday, May 13th, 6:30am-8pm

Atlanta, GA, United States

Atlanta, GA

There are two more Atlanta payments due:

April 7th - $25 students / $33 chaperones

May 5th - $25 students / $33 chaperones

If you've already paid in full you are taken care of.

Our numbers for this trip are final at this point. Please continue to send in your remaining payments as needed, however, we cannot accept any new students/chaperones.

Guest Presenter Request

Ms. Roses' Project Group will be working on learning about different survival skills until the end of the year. If you have knowledge on different skills, we would love for you to come present/teach the group! Students will rotate project group every week, so each student will be part of this group at some point in the coming 8 weeks.

Some skills that would be particularly useful are as follows: creating fire starters, knot skills, plant identification (edible vs. poisonous), navigation using a compass or astronomy, water purification, creating a shelter, growing/raising food in a sustainable manner, tree tapping, engineering projects (solar shower, solar oven, wood gasifiers, etc.), and more!
Please contact Ms. Rose at if you are interested!