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First of all, we would like to thank all the Viadeo departments to be so helpful on our mobile projects.

We need to work hand in hand with you and according to the 1st results we observed… it works !

Breaking news

We're glad to present you this article about the Viadeo Mobile department on 01 Business paper magazine, released yesterday. To read it:

A big thank to the PR team for this great article!

Responsive email design

In order to provide the best user experience for members opening their emailing on their smartphone, all the emailings sent by the marketing department are now integrated in responsive design!

A big thank to the marketing studio for this improvement. Regarding this subject, the 1st mobile emailing campaign on Moroccan members was launched last week.

Thanks to all of you, traffic on mobile application is skyrocketing!

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The LOL request

"en fait, je pensais savoir à quoi cela sert mais au vu de ce que je vis, non je sais plus! bref suis decu " (mobile member support, no spelling correction)

We love you

"Mieux que LinkedIn (l'appli) J'utilise principalement Linkedin pour mon réseau professionnel mais je dois dire que l'appli Viadeo est bien mieux conçue : plus claire, plus belle, plus réactive et respectant le style Android 4.x Voilà qui m'a encouragé à mettre à jour mon profil sur ce réseau social."

What's next ?

  • The integration of the premium offer to the application and the revamping of the add contacts page
  • The deal with Nokia in Russia (a preinstall of the application)
  • The implementation of the mobile CRM strategy.