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BBB warns to be aware of your contractor

St. Louis, Missouri property owners have been conned out of thousands of dollars from a company called Expert Roofing and an individual calling himself Sam, Sammy, Sam Miller, Allen Ely or Samuel Ely. Expert Roofing is using a white GMC Sierra truck with a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation sticker, even though they are not accredited at the BBB. The BBB in St. Louis has given Expert Roofing an F rating and confirmed that there is no company at the addresses that Expert Roofing is using. Expert Roofing is not returning calls.

In addition to using the BBB sticker that they are not authorized to use, Expert Roofing also has a label on the side of their truck of Expert Roofing in Topeka, Kansas, which they should not be using. The Topeka, Kansas Company is not related to Expert Roofing in St. Louis.

Expert Roofing has been reported to spray paint some sort of chemical on a leak rather than fixing the leak after being paid $2,000. The roof is still leaking. Another business owner paid $7,500 for Expert Roofing to repair her leaking roof, only to have Expert Roof sent an employee who shoveled rock off of the flat roof and then leaving, with no repair work done. Another roof still leaking. Another couple paid Expert Roofing $1,150 to fix a leaking roof on their rental property only to find it still leaking. Another woman paid them $700 to repair her roof, only to find they sprayed it with a silver chemical and it actually is leaking worse. One woman says Expert Roofing even intimidated her into giving them $100 to remove dents in her car in a parking lot and then left without doing anything.

What to look for when hiring a roofing contractor

Before paying money to a roofing contractor look for the following:

•Never pay everything in advance. Typically pay part when signing the contract, a payment halfway and the last payment after completion

•Pay by credit card rather than cash or a check so you have the credit company to help you if you have a problem with the payment

•Check if they are members of your local BBB

•Ask for and contact references

•Get a signed contract before paying any money that specifies the project, the completion dates and exactly what happens if either one of you back out of the contract

•Ask for bond and insurance from the contractor

•Get lien waivers from the contractor that states materials and workers are paid by the contractor.

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