Poison Safety Tips

by Bernadette Abrams

  • Store poisonous items out of reach or use locks on cabinets within reach.
  • Read product labels that can be hazardous to kids.
  • Close caps on medicines, vitamins, herbal supplements and other products immediately after use, and listen for the "click" to make sure the product is closed properly.
  • Keep all medicines, household cleaning products, and garden chemicals up high where children can't see or reach them.
  • Never store home or garden chemicals in food containers like bottles or cups. Keep them in their original containers with the labels intact.
  • Never mix household cleaning products together. Mixing them can cause poisonous gases.
  • Call your local poison center immediately if a button battery or a magnet is missing from a toy or other item. Button batteries and magnets can both be deadly if swallowed by a child.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector and check the batteries twice a year.
  • Follow the directions on pesticide labels, and be sure to remove children, pets and toys from the area until they can return safely.
  • Always ask a trusted grown-up before you take any medicine.
  • Never put anything in your mouth if you are not sure if it is safe to eat. Ask a grown-up first.
  • Post the Poison Help number by your home phone and program it into cell phones: 1-800-222-1222.

Dangerous house hold items include: