THE SUPPER SUN!!!!!!!!!!

By Mara Bauer

the sun facts

<Did you know!?!?!?>


1.) The sun is 5,778 K that's hot!

2.) it takes 299,792 kilometers per second! click it when done.

What is the sun?

The sun is a massive star that is the center of our atmosphere. The sun is the main light/heat for our planet. If the sun were not here we wouldn't be here ether, the sun heats up our vegetables for us so we have vitamins. The sun is very helpful!

What is the sun made of?????????????

Well the sun is made of a lot of stuff like.

1.) Hydrogen a lot of it

2.)a bit of Helium.

3.) a bit more of Carbon

3.) the one that we all know and like is HEAT that makes up our sun...