Why are people fascinated by shoes?

By:Jelaysia Howard

Why are people fascinated by shoes ?

The sneaker culture has been growing very drastically over the last few years.Sneaker heritage dates back decades with iconic brands named for basketball like chuck Taylor and Michael Jordan.Mostly everyone in the world wants to keep up with the new trends so why not keep up with the trendy shoes.Sneakers started to become more popular due to basketball, hip-hop, and skateboarding.People who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes put them on very high pedestals and of course their not coming down.The sneaker game is grown so much that people who have huge collections made a name for themselves; the sneaker heads.Teenagers find that if they don't a popular pair of shoes they will be bullied or talked about.People are also willing to stand in huge lines just to get a pair of sneakers, so they can feel like they're in style.This question is interesting to me because I want to know what make me myself so obsessed with shoes.I also want to have my own shoe store and work with some of the hottest brands in the sneaker industry.Sneakers are very valuable to most and help you express yourself.
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How is the resale market so successful?

The resale market has mad the shoe industry even bigger.Studies show that Facebook is the best way to resale sneakers.The way the resale market works is by people flipping what they have.A re-seller can buy a pair of shoes for $250 and then go on the internet and flip it for $800.The resale market has plenty of attention and recognition due to trading.Sneaker heads all over the world are willing to trade three pairs of shoes for one just to have an exclusive pair.The resale market has gone so far that there are even retail stores.In the sneaker world some brands only release limited pairs of shoes and people know exactly where to go for this.Limited sneakers can go for thousands of dollars in the resale market.In retail stores you can find used shoes or dead stock shoes (never worn).Ebay is another way re-sellers get their business out in the world.Plenty of people turn to the resale market for extra cash or to get rid of some sneakers they no longer want.Most re-sellers feel like they are selling the best sneakers in the game.If a re-seller has a very rare shoe that is wanted by many they will definitely sell the shoes for more than the original price and the retail price.
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How did the Jordan brand expand ?

Michael Jordan was the biggest player in history during his time so why not give him a sneaker deal.Michael got his huge start with Nike and put them on the map.At first Michael wasn't interested in Nike he wanted a deal with Adidas or Chuck Taylor.After seeing designs and thinking it over Michael signed the contract.Nike signed Michael Jordan to a 5-year deal worth $2.5 million, plus royalties and other benefits.Michael's first shoe was the Air Jordan 1.Jordan's shoes were banned from the NBA, but Michael wore them anyway and Nike payed the fine.Nike didn't mind paying the fines because it was getting their struggling business out there in the world.Jordan was using his athletics to make his name even bigger.Michael wasn't to fond of Nike's design and he was ready to leave, but Nike had one more trick in the bag.Michael met Tinker Hatfield who changed the game for air Jordan's and designed the air Jordan 3.Jordan loved Tinker Hatfield's designs and he also got to help with the design.From there on it was nothing in the way of Air Jordan.In !977, Jordan brand became a sub-brand of Nike because Air Jordan's were becoming so popular.Michael worked with Tinker Hatfield all the way up to the Jordan XX3.Today the Jordan brand is one of the most dominant in the world.
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What are the most expensive Jordan's ?

If you are a sneaker head then you know that there are specific pairs of Jordan's that are very expensive.Jordan's personal flu game 12's is the pair that stands out for it's price.On June 11, 1997 Jordan and the Bulls were playing game 5 of the NBA finals.Michael had flu like symptoms but still played and won the game.After this game the shoes he were wearing were given the name flu game 12's.Michael decided to sign the sneakers and give them to one of the ball boys.The shoes were so high priced due to the fact that they were game-worn and of course it was a pair of Michael's shoes.Any real Jordan would have kept the sneakers as a souvenir, but this guy took the shoes and auctioned them off for money.Michael's flu game 12's were auctioned for $104,000.I always wonder how Michael would feel about this, but I guess it really doesn't matter to him.No other Jordan has been more expensive than these game-worn Jordan's to this day.I know if I had the chance to get game-worn sneakers I wouldn't sell them because that's something I could never forget and the shoes would have a very dear place in my heart.
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