ITC5910 Capstone Final Presentation

Susan Randall - Spring 2012 Cohort

Capstone Overview

The main goal of my capstone project was to develop and implement an online course. This entailed determining the pace, material to cover, development of video instruction, communications with students, and completing course reporting required by the community college and SACs.

The secondary goal of my capstone was to add to my knowledge bank by participating in various professional development opportunities. Throughout the capstone experience I was able to participate in numerous professional development opportunities that helped enhance my knowledge of the course management system used at the community college. I learned how to record lectures and other course communication using a variety of software and web applications. This improved the content of my online course and screencasts that I created have been shared within the department and are currently being used by other instructors.

My final goal was to grow as a leader in instructional technology. Developing an online course has helped me gain the confidence to develop future courses. Not only have I gained confidence in developing engaging instruction for students, but other instructors and adjuncts have begun using the materials I've created in their own courses. Gaining an understanding of the andragogy needed with the student base I teach, the knowledge of the various WEB 2.0 applications available to use, and the knowledge from this capstone experience I can move forward in developing the NET289 - Networking Capstone Project for Spring 2014 semester.

Introduction to Computers - 7 Week online Course

I developed and implemented a 7 week online Introduction to Computers Course for Cleveland Community College. This was the first semester that the new curriculum had been taught at Cleveland Community College and the first time it had been taught in a 7 week course format. There was limited approved content developed for the course.

Intro to Computers CMS

The online course management system that was used for development and implementation for this course was Blackboard. I was able to participate in several Professional Development sessions in learning the most efficient methods of using the grading center, rubrics and the discussion form provided in Blackboard.

To see the course, you can log in as my sample student to see the completed course.


username: randall_s

password: ITC5910

Web based learning tool

The SAM website that has been developed by Cengage Learning was used in conjunction with the printed textbook. Students had the option to purchase either the book with the needed course code to access this site or they could purchase the course code with eBook for the site.

Training, projects and assessments were developed using the tools provided in SAM2013. This version of SAM was new to me as I had used it in 2007 when it didn't have all the current features.

SAM allows for the use of MindTap, on eBook that is interactive with SAM, Evernote and Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Students could take notes in the eBook and use the Flashcard feature to test their knowledge of terminology.

Susan Randall

CIT Lab Instructor

  • Leslie Noggle - CIT Instructor
  • Pam Collins - Distance Learning Coordinator
  • Jonathan Davis - Department Chair