By: Alexa ( For Careers )

My Interests and Skills

My 5 Interests and Skills!

  • Governance
  • Perfoming Arts
  • Early Childhood & Development Services
  • Teaching & Training
  • Counseling and Mental Health Services
I think that my results were accurate beacuse i love aruging and politics, I love to dance, and sing, I LOVE CHILDREN!, I want to be a History Teacher, and I like to talk to people about their problems and find ways to solve them/ help them.

My Top 5 Career choices are:

Government & Public Administration: Governance: Legislator: What They Do: Analyze Local and National implications of proposed legislations. Develope laws and statutes at the federal, state, and local level. Appoint or approve appointment of nominees to leadership posts and Debate the merits of proposals and bill amendments during floor sessions. How and Where They Work: Travel Alot. Attend legislator sessions. Work VERY long hours but they get to go to Washington D.C A LOT so I guess that makes up for the long hours. Participate in public speaking events. Required education is a bachelors degree.The National median Income is: 19,780 The State Median is 18,350,

Arts;Av and Technology & Communications; Performing Arts; Singer

For this specialty all you need is a High School Completion. 4 phrases from 'How and Where They Work' Are: Perform on weekends. Stressful because when they aren't working they are looking for a job. They work a full time job. And work hours vary depending on how bad you are at singing. JK on rehersals and when you are available. 4 Phrases on 'What They Do' are: Perform for live audiences. Practice singing exercises. Find and learn new music. Memorize musical selections and routines. The National Median & State Median is not available because it depends on how popular you are and how many concerts you have.

Human Services:Early Childhood & Development Services:Child Care Workers

For this specialty all you need is a high school completion, 4 Phrases from How & Where They Work are: Work at a variety of settings. May involve playing outdoors. Work hours may vary, but mostly 40 hours per week. Involves teaching playing and ensuring guidence. What They Do: Observe & moniter play activities. PLAY WITH KIDS ( AND BABIES ). Help kids with social and emotional developing. Teach children health and good personal habits. State Median is : $18,080 National Median is: $19,510.

Education & Trading: Teaching & Training:Historians

For this specialty you need to have an Master's degree. 4 Phrases from What they do are: Review Industrial and Historical records. Review photographs and films. Research and interpret the past. Meet with other historians to review their work and share information. How & Where They Work: Work in offices. Work 40 hour weeks. Work a lot on computers so eyestrain is hazardous. Work on research teams. The state median is: Not available but the National Median is :$52,480

Human Services:Counseling&MentalHealth:SubstanceAbuse&BehavioralDisorderCounseling

Education required is Master's degree and in most cases a state licensure. How & Where They Work: Work in variety in settings. Usually work 40 hours a week. Usually on the call around the clock emergencies. Most work in clinics. What They Do : Determine a plan treatment for the individual. Submit progress reports for insurance companies. Counsel & advise individuals with alcohol, tabacco and drug issues. The State Median is : $38,810 the National Median is : $38,520

I chose to work with children because I LOVE BABIES