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Facts about Julius Caesar

Full Name: Gaius Julius CaesarOccupation: Dictator/GeneralBirth Date: C.  July 12,100 BCEPlace of Birth: Rome,ItalyDeath Date: March 15,44 BCE Place of Death: Rome,Italy

Julius Caesar's month

Julius Caesar is an ancient Romes most famous figure. He was a brilliant politican and general. He also has his own month, the month in wich Julius Caeasar was born , it was renamed Julius (July) in his honor.

Julius Caesar's Details

Julius Caesar is also considered the father of leap year.

Julius Caesar's book

Theres a book about Julius Caesar, the author is William Shakespeare, the book is about Julius Caesar life, it is like a Biography, it says all the things that Julius Caesar had made.

By: Francisca Rubio and Axel Hernandez