Using the text to your Advantage

The text at your Command

By Damion Scott


Before you can use the text you have to learn how to cite it correctly

The steps

  1. The Author's name
  2. Title of the website,book magazine, etc
  3. The date of when it was made/published
  4. Where it was made/published
  5. The company
  6. if its an encyclopedia you put the volume number
  7. if its a book you put the page numbers
  8. Ex: Dr. Seuss, Red fish blue fish 1 fish 2 fish, 1960, Random House, page #5 #3 and # 9

Next Paraphrasing

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is taking the text and putting it in your own words

Ex:Original Sentence: The orbits of the planets are caused by the strong gravitational pull of the sun.

Paraphrases: Our planets orbit because of the suns gravity.


First what is summarizing? summarizing is when you take the main points of something and put it in your own words, it's like paraphrasing but with only the main ideas. Summarizing makes the text much shorter. Ex:

Original: Like other rodents, the species in the squirrel family have four large incisor teeth (an upper and a lower pair) for gnawing. These teeth grow throughout the life of the animal. Some species have cheek pouches where they can temporarily hold food, such as grain, and then deposit it later for storage in a nest or burrow. The tree squirrels bury nuts in the ground for later consumption. Many of these nuts are never found, and the dispersal of many plant species is an indirect consequence: the uneaten seeds and nuts germinate and grow into new plants.("Squirrel family." Britannica School. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 2016. Web. 18 Mar. 2016. <>.)

Summarized: Squirrels have 4 teeth that are always growing. Certain types of squirrels can store food in their cheeks. Squirrels bury nuts which they commonly forget about and they grow into plants.


A quote is when something is pulled from the text and added to your writing quotation marks are added,the authors name, the place you got the info from, and paragraph number is also added.

Ex: The text states (p.1 <>.)"Probably no wild animal is more commonly known than the eastern gray squirrel."