First Impressions

By: Tori Ackley, Lauren Hansen, and Andrew Solomons

First Impressions vs. Pride and Prejudice

In the novel we see that the two different titles are reflected very much. The first one First Impressions is very obvious. People in this book make first impressions on each other very quickly. The first example would be Elizabeth to Darcy. She assumes that he is not the right guy for her and does not have the looks she is looking for later. Later on in the book she ends up loving him. She had also made a couple assumptions that were correct about Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Mr. Collins being snobbish. There is also ways that show pride and prejudice in the novel. Mr. Darcy is the pride in the book. Especially in the beginning he has far too much. Jane is the prejudice in the book because she just assumes things about Mr. Darcy and others. She doesn’t know these things through experience though. Both Pride and Prejudice and First Impressions are very appropriate titles for this novel.