The Writing Process and Other Tips

What you need to know about writing


A badabing is a great tool to improve your writing. It must include a action, what you saw, and what you thought. A great example is, "As I walked into the store I smelled cookies and I wondered, "How much are do those cost?".

The Writing Process

The first step to the writing process is pre-writing, this time is for you to think about what you are going to write about, and the characters involved in the plot. After that you move to drafting, get all your ideas on paper. Next comes revising, improve your writing,make sure that it is entertaining. Next comes editing, make sure your writing has proper grammar and punctuation. Next comes publishing, this is where you share your writing with your class or the world.

A Video About The Writing Process

Why use the writing process

Writing involves careful thinking, which means you will make changes as you write. Even professional don't just write their thoughts and call it finished work of art. They use a process. For example, some writers keep going back to the revising stage many times, while others feel they can do the revision in just one step. It is up to each writer to develop the style that works best to produce the best results.

Such Great Heights (Song of the Writing Process)