Endangered Animals of Hawaii

Hawaiian Creeper


The Hawaii creeper, also known as Oreomystis Mana, is a small bird that is endangered. In 1988 it was near endangered and in 1994 it was fully endangered. In 1976-1983 there where about 2100 Hawaii creepers in Kau, 1000 in Hamakua, 75 in central Korea, and 200 in North- West Hualala. That is a total of 12,500, but this number sadly declined over time. They are native to the U.S.A. They are in the same family as the Honey Creeper. Scientists and volunteers are trying to figure out the total number of birds today. The Hawaii Creeper measures 4.5 inches (11 cm)

Food Chain

Things that could and have killed the Hawaii Creeper are logging, other types of wood harvesting, and other animals invading their territory. They like to eat small insects and some types of plants. One more thing that kills the Hawaii Creeper is mosquitoes that carry malaria.


The Hawaii Creeper has many locations it likes to be in, one is on trees. They also like to be in shrub lands, beach shorelines, savannas, and dry forests. Most of these areas are moist, for example, the coast lines or beaches and the forests but they also like to be in the dry forests.


One way that the Hawaii Creeper adapts to its surroundings is by hanging out on trees. That is also a way of protection from predators like feral pigs and snakes. This adaption does not provide protection from flies and mosquitoes. That means that the Hawaii Creeper has to fly away to a new tree or new area. Flying away is also a defense skill.

Endangerment & Critical Information

Some critical information about this animal is that it has many locations it likes to be in, it likes to be in moist areas, and that it is extinct. A couple more facts are that feral pigs and mosquitoes can kill it and that low elevation can kill it.

Conservation Efforts

Refuges have been established for these birds to go live in. One is the Hamakua National Wildlife refuge. In the refuges they try to keep the animals safe and they also try to grow new plants and animals. They are planning to release the Hawaii creepers and their family's.

Hawaii Creeper: Birds of North America species account

This book talks about the Hawaii Creeper and it has a lot of information on it. It has over 716 accounts.


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