Library Happenings

October Newsletter


Welcome to the first issue of Library Happenings. I am going to do my best to get a newsletter out to you at least once a month. Your time is precious so I am going to keep the newsletter short and sweet.

It is hard to believe that we are in our 5th week of the school year. What a wild start we have had. I think things are starting to settle down. Thank you to everyone that supported the book fair. This is PTA's one and only fundraiser for the school year and it was a great success.

Library statistics for the month of September: 2,390

Visitors to the library: 2800 (students visiting without their teacher)

Language Arts teacher with the most checkouts: Raunaum (Szymankiewicz was a close 2nd)

Technology Tip

Do you post your lessons plans on a Google Calendar? If so, do you know that students can sync their iPad calendar with your Google lesson plan calendar? Just think how nice it will be for students to just click on their iPad calendar and look at their classes' lessons. For those students who do not have an iPad they can sync their own devices or just subscribe to your calendar.


Briarhill LIbrary has entered the digital age. Students can checkout ebooks on their iPads or electronic devices. I am in the process of building the collection. PTA has donated around $1500 specifically for the purchase of e-books. YIPEEE!!.

The number one question I always seem to be asked is "Will the library ever do away with their print materia?" I wish I had a definitive answer to that question.Maybe one day. San Antonio just opened up their first all digital library. Checkout the look.

So long Telecenter! Hello Medicast!

As many of you know Telecenter has gone the way of the dinosaur. We now have Mediacast. Medicast is different than Telecenter, in that you cannot show a movie via your TV. You can still watch TV, just not show a movie. If you do not have a TV in your classroom you can still watch shows via your computer. The good thing is we actually have more channels to chose from.

Be looking for directions on how to access the channels via your computer.

If you did not checkout a remote at the beginning of the year, stop by the library and I will give you one.

The Great Pumpkin Contest

It is back....the 2nd annual pumpkin decorating contest will be the last week of October. Purchase a pumpkin, think of a book, and get painting.