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MARCH 25, 2015

Alvamar, Inc. and Bliss Sports, LC continue to work through the due diligence process for the sale of the golf course properties. As part of the due diligence process Bliss Sports, LC on behalf of Alvamar, Inc. submitted to the City of Lawrence, Planning Department a set of rezoning requests along with preliminary plats. These requests were reviewed by the Planning Commission at their meeting on February 23. The Planning Commission voted to defer these requests after hearing public comment, and receiving a recommendation from the City Planning Department to defer. It should be noted however that public comment and comments from the Planning Commission were positive for this development project! In the recommendation for deferral the city staff and planning commission wanted to see more detail for the overall development plans before moving forward. Because of the deferral we are estimating that the closing on the sale of the golf courses will be pushed back to late fall! We’ll continue to keep you updated as we move forward!

New Director of Operations

Craig Palm lived in Northern Virginia since 1974 and has been around golf all of his adult life. Craig earned his degree in Business Management from Virginia Tech in 1992 and enjoyed working at various management companies until 2002 where he worked as the Operations Manager for the Medal of Honor Course in Quantico, Va. In 2005 he moved on to be the General Manager at Pohick Bay Golf Course and worked there until 2013. Moving back to his wife’s home state of Missouri with their two sons was a big move, but he has loved every part of it. Starting on with Orion Management Solutions in 2014 as a business consultant and now Interim Director of Operations at Alvamar Country Club, he looks forward to the great opportunities that lie ahead. Over the next few weeks he will be spending his time learning all aspects of the operations, so if you see Craig, please welcome him to Alvamar.

You can reach Craig @

Welcome New Members!

Bassem & Elizabeth Chahine

Michael & Lacey Diehl

Ryan & Jennifer Dixon

Glen & Rose Marie Hilderand

Aaron & Kylee Miller

Matthew & Emily Little

Brendan Devereaux and Elizabeth Troxell

Enjoy Alvamar!

April Golf Updates:

April has arrived and golf season is upon us. This month I would like to review a few things for the upcoming season:

-Let us start with Driving Range. This is a wonderful part of our facility and gives you a great opportunity, if utilized, to improve your game. However, during the KU Golf season the back of the range is not for us to use. This tee was constructed for the KU Golf Teams specifically and during the range renovation we will provide a tremendous Zoysia hitting area next to 18 green. In regards to the short game area, please allow the KU team privacy while they are practicing. Remember, if the KU basketball team was practicing on a court you would not walk out and shoot free throws and disrupt them. Let us give the same respect to the golf teams.

- Tee Times are not required, but we strongly suggest that you always call to make one or book one online on the member’s side of We look forward to see all of you many, many times this year and I would like your experience to be the best that it can be. Making a tee time helps us all.

-Speed of Play. Now this is a tricky subject. The expected pace of play on the Member’s Course is roughly 4 hours and 15 minutes. All groups, including fivesomes, will be held to this pace. I know that many of you can play faster than that, but please understand that this is the pace that we look at. If you and your group can stay with the group ahead of you that would be wonderful. Also, as a golfer, please be prepared to hit your shot BEFORE it is your turn. This means getting your yardage, choosing your club, and be at the ready to start your routine and hit your shot. I want everyone to enjoy this wonderful game and be successful; however, playing like the men and women on TV is not the approach to follow. Even Johnny Miller complained about players not being prepared and how slow the game has gotten during the Bay Hill Invitational.

-Tournaments and Events are set for the year. If you would please sign up as early as you can for events that you are planning participate in. This will make it easier for the staff to plan and provide for the participant’s need in ALL events at Alvamar, including the Social events.

-Have a Question?????? Please, ask as many questions about golf related subjects that you want more information about. With new equipment out, tournaments, handicaps, or how to get rid of a nasty slice, we are here to help. I will not say that we have all of the answers, but if you ask a question and we do not know the answer, we will be glad to try and find the answer.

Eric Magnuson

Through years of experience I have found that air offers less resistance than dirt. ~Jack Nicklaus, why he tees his ball high


Greetings, fellow members. It is hard to believe that the first quarter of 2015 has come and gone. The Jayhawks have completed another successful basketball season. Unfortunately, they broke our hearts again with an early exit from the post season tourney. Fortunately, we still have the Shockers to watch and cheer for as they march through their bracket.

The time that we have been all waiting for is here. April 1st is the official beginning of the 2015 golf season. Eric Magnuson, his staff, and the Golf Committee have been making plans for this year’s events and activities since the end of the 2014 season. The key to making this year a successful and enjoyable experience is participation by our members. Please come out and play. While out on the course or in the club house, please introduce yourself to a member who you do not know and encourage them to participate.

I know that many members are anxious to get a clearer picture of what the future holds for Alvamar after the club is sold. Unfortunately, the closing of the sale has been delayed pending some rezoning decisions by the City. At this time, the sale is now expected to close in late fall of this year. Alvamar, Inc. has assured us they are committed to providing quality service to our members throughout the sale process. A search is currently underway for a new General Manager to replace Brian Minnis who resigned at the end of February.

Scott Cailteux

President, Executive Committee

ACCWGA Updates: April

Spring is here!

We were so glad to see everyone that came to our 2015 ACCWGA Spring Opening Coffee on Saturday, March 28th. Our Women’s Golf Association has a fun schedule planned for this year. If you haven’t had the opportunity to get out on the course, hopefully you will be able to enjoy it soon! Weekly play begins April 7th. Remember to show up 15 minutes early for playing instructions – so for April 7th that’s 9:45 a.m. Signup sheets for weekly play are posted in the Ladies Golf room (the little room just to the right in the ladies locker room). When you finish play, please insert your scorecard into the Scorecard Box located in the Ladies Golf room. Pat Paul, our ACCWGA 18-Hole President, Beverly Dengler, our 9-Hole Sports Chairman, and Janet Magnuson, our 18-Hole Sports Chairman will be available for any questions that you may have. Hope to see you there!

Happy Golfing!

Bobette Puderbaugh
ACCWGA Vice President

Click the above link to access the registration form, it is located toward the middle of the page.

April: Tee to green

April 2015

By Kent Morgison

As April arrives, your golf courses at Alvamar will begin to show signs that the golf season is upon us. Frost delays will be few and far between. The dormant zoysia will begin to come out of hibernation, and in turn carts will be released from the on path restriction. These are all welcome sights to golfers. Unfortunately, this time also brings about our annual greens aerification process. While this does create less than ideal putting surfaces in the short term, it is a critical step in greens management that will provide long term benefits. The Championship course is being completed on March 31st and April 1st, with the Member’s course scheduled the following Monday and Tuesday. Your patience is appreciated as we work through this process.

As we do transition into allowing carts off of the path for the season, a couple of quick reminders. For the second consecutive season, we will ask that you keep your carts out of the rough again. The Enter and Exit posts that we installed last year will be in place again. The rules for this are simple-as you pass the Enter post, you are allowed to enter the fairway at any time, and before you reach the Exit post, we ask that you leave the fairway. These posts help us reduce traffic wear patterns throughout the season. Secondly, if we encounter wet conditions, we will be asking that carts will be back on the path until dryer conditions prevail. At times, handicap flags will be allowed. Always check with your pro shop for cart rules for the day. We thank you in advance to your adherence to these policies.

Home Lawn “Tip of the Month”

April is the primary month for application of preemergent herbicide for crabgrass control. Evenly applying the proper rate of a high quality product can prevent a mid-summer invasion of crabgrass and other annual weeds. Remember that the herbicide works by forming a barrier at the soil surface, killing the weeds as they emerge from the soil. Therefore, cultural practices such as aeration, deep raking, and aggressive verticutting done after application, may significantly reduce the effectiveness of your preemerge.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage: April

Easter is quickly approaching and Alvamar wants this year to be bigger and better than ever. The Easter Egg Hunt Eggstravaganza will kick off the holiday weekend on Saturday morning. Bring out your kids and friends for a huge egg hunt on the course. Your staff has already begun to fill thousands of eggs for the hunt. The Easter Bunny will be dropping by to celebrate and join in the fun. Stick around for lunch on the patio and partake in the food and beverage specials of the day. Don’t forget to stop by the photo booth for your holiday snap shot.

Easter Brunch has already begun to fill up so make your reservations early! Drop me an email or call the business office and we’ll be happy to save your table.

Monthly Membership Tip: Kansas weather is unpredictable at best this time of year. During the season transition, beverage cart service on the course could be sporadic at times depending on course activity and staff availability. Please check with your pro shop on cart service before teeing off. We are always happy to fill coolers in the Alvabar with your favorite beverages before your round.

See you at the club,

Jen Nuessen

April's Recipe from our chef...

Here is a little Recipe to serve on a spring day.

Marinated Cucumber Salad:

2 cucumbers (Thinly sliced)

1 tblsp salt

½ cup sugar

¾ cup red wine vinegar

3 tblsp chopped fresh parsley

Crushed red pepper

Layer cucumbers in a colander, sprinkling salt on each layer and let drain 45 min.

Dissolve sugar in vinegar. Combine cucumber and vinegar mixture and let marinade 2 hours, drain and sprinkle with parsley and pepper to taste

Until next month, Good Cooking,

Chef Matthew

May 10th is Mothers day, Please Make your reservation early!

Buffets for April:

7th Prime Rib, 14th Homestyle, 21rst Pasta, 28th Birthday

Our Menu | Call the Club and Press 1 to to place your to-go order for lunch or dinner!

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Ladies' April Bridge:

Friday, April 10th at 11:30

Please make your reservations by noon on Wednesday, April 8th by contacting Julie Zajic at 749-1413 or Sally Davis at 842-3726.

April Calendar:

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Kent Morgison | Superintendent

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