Whittier Weekly News

October 11, 2019

Notes from the Administration

What a great transition into the school year it has been! Our students are quickly learning routines and procedures. It's hard to believe that we are just finishing our 5th week of school!

Conference Sign Ups

Fall Conferences are just around the corner.

  • Wednesday October 23rd- students attend from 12:30-3:30. Conferences are from 4:00-8:00 pm.
  • Thursday October 24th - students attend from 12:30-3:30. Conferences are from 4:00-8:00 pm.
  • Friday October 25th - students attend from 8:30-12:00. Conferences are from 1:00-4:00 pm.

At Whittier, we pride ourselves with parent conference attendance rate being 95% or better. This is great opportunity to hear about all the wonderful things that your child has been working on so far this school year.

With class sizes somewhat larger than our conference blocks, please sign up for one conference block per family. Teachers can not accommodate separate conferences for families.

Here is the link to sign up for conferences. https://signup.com/go/aKAdnHq

PTA Trunk or Treat- October 25th

We are excited to have our 3rd Annual Trunk or Treat.



TIME: Car set up @ 5:30; Trunk or Treat @ 6:30.

Please plan to bring your own candy.

If you would like to donate a bag of candy for our teachers who are participating in Trunk or Treat, you may send it in to Ms. Black in the front office.

https://signup.com/go/aXcByUb- Click here to register your car and theme.

Teacher Appreciation Dinner- Wednesday October 23rd

The PTA is asking for your help to show our teachers how much we appreciate them.

Our theme is Soup and Salads. Show off your expert culinary skills.

Click here to sign up: https://signup.com/go/tbxwGnX

Fall Harvest Parties

Fall Harvest Parties will be as follows:

Friday October 25th- Grades K, 4, 5 will have their Fall Harvest Party from 11-12.

Wednesday October 30th - Ms. K's 3 year old M/W will have their Party from 10:25-11:25.

Thursday October 31st- Ms. K's 3 year old T/TR will have their Party from 10:25-11:25.

Friday November 1st - Grades 1,2, 3 will have their Fall Harvest Party from 2:15-3:15.

Friday November 1st - AM PreK will have their Fall Harvest Party from 10:25-11:25.

Friday November 1st - PM PreK will have their Fall Harvest Party from 2:15-3:15.

Your child's teacher will be sending a SignUp for donations for the class party.

Parents must be volunteer trained to volunteer in the classrooms.

Younger siblings may not attend classroom parties or field trips, and you will be asked to take younger siblings home.

Drop Off

You may not drop off your students until 8:30 am. This is a safety concern for our students being left unattended.

If your child is in a car, they are a car rider and should be dropped off in the car rider line.

The front parking lot is for buses only.

Thank you for your assistance.

Big picture


Congratulations to Sara Ashraf! Her t-shirt design received the most votes for our 5K design.

WHES 5k/1K Hero Run is just around the corner.

Sunday October 20th

7:30 Race Day Registration

8:30 1K Fun Run

9:00 5K Race begins

Questions, email us at WHESMD5K@gmail.com.

See attached to register and to purchase a Course Sign! Thanks in advance for supporting our school and our runners!

Join our Race

Registration: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O7j8RhZ1BE7ZKlPnd82UfEDpO8y_zsqMG405p3G9qw8/edit?usp=sharing

Cheer your runners on with a Course Sign

Course Sign:


T-shirt orders will be taken on the day of the race.

T-Shirts will be $15.

During the day of the race, we will take cash, check, or credit card.

Picture Day- October 16th

Pictures forms were sent home yesterday in Thursday folders.

You may also pay online @ mylifetouch.com

Picture Day ID: MJ719126Q0

You do not need a picture form if you purchase online.

September Attendance Winner

Mrs. Schildt's 2nd Grade Class had the highest attendance rating for the month of September.

99.17%. They will pick our next school-wide spirit day.

Following in a close second was Ms. Lang's 5th Grade with 99.16% attendance rating.


Barnhart AM 97.20%

Barnhart PM 97.05%

Brunner PM 98.81%

Kontantas AM 98.39%

Kontantas PM 98.37%


Lawrence 96.84%

Pillsbury 97.58%

Rentschler 98.68%

Smith 98.42%

Wilcox 97.48%

1st Grade

Beaulieu/Lease 97.59%

Kint 96.32%

Miller 99.09%

Stansbury 97.15%

2nd Grade

Bouselli 98.56%

Little 96.77%

Schildt 99.17%

Wilson 98.34%

Young 98.25%

3rd Grade

Broomall 97.37%

Mills 97.02%

Murphy 95.02%

Kavanaugh 95.39%

4th Grade

Byrd 94.85%

Delawter 97.81%

Hohorst 98.25%

Krzysiak 98.05%

5th Grade

Canfield 96.7%

Doyle 96.6%

Lang 99.16%

Sikora 96.16%

Late Arrivals/Early Dismissals

During the month of September, we were in school for 19 days. During that we had 173 late arrivals, and 127 early dismissals.

Our instructional day begins at 8:55 and ends at 3:30.

Please plan to have your child at school on time and plan for them to be here all day. There is a significant impact to your child's ability to be prepared for the school day or for homework when they are missing parts of the day.

Attendance Matters

Absences- There have been changes to the accountability of schools to ensure that all students are attending school and receiving the education that they deserve. Thank you for helping us to follow state law and county policies and regulations.

Notes are required- Every absence requires a written note from the parent/guardian within two days of the child's return from illness. The notes should contain the child's first and last name, teacher's name, dates of absence and reason for absences. You may send a note with your child or send an email to whittierattendance@fcps.org

Doctor's Notes are required after the 10th absence- any absence after the 10th day will require a doctor's note. Failure to provide a doctor's note will result in an unlawful absence for your child.

5 Vacation Days- Students are permitted to take 5 vacation days throughout the school year. Any days beyond 5 will be marked as unlawful.

Attendance Improvement Plan- Parents whose child has missed 17 or more days of school will require a meeting with the Principal and the Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW) to determine how we can improve attendance.

Gift Card and Snack Donations

As part of our PBIS incentives for students, we are having raffles for students each month. We are looking for $5 gift donations for our students. If you are willing to send in a donation of $5 gift card to WalMart, McDonald's, Chick-Fila, Dunkin Donuts, Target, Burger King- we would be very appreciative.

We have many students who are need of snacks throughout the day. Our teachers are donating to our supplies of snacks for students. If you are willing to donate a box of Cheez-Its, Nutri Grain bars, Granola bars, applesauce pouches- we would be appreciative as well!

Chess, Coding, and Robotics

Thanks to our PTA, we are able to offer the clubs listed above. If you are interested in having your child join, here are the links:

Chess: https://skenrichment.com/clubs/frederick-county/product/whittier-elementary-school-chess-club-fall-2019.html

Coding: https://skenrichment.com/clubs/frederick-county/product/whittier-elementary-school-coding-club-fall-2019.html

Robotics: https://skenrichment.com/clubs/frederick-county/product/whittier-elementary-school-robotics-club-fall-2019.html

At this time, our enrollments are VERY low. Rather than cancel the clubs outright, we are going to push the start dates out two weeks and extend registration in the hopes of getting a few more students. You will still be receiving the 8 club dates you paid for, but they will just be shifted out a bit.

The club dates are as follows:

Chess: October 15 through December 3. No skip days.

Coding: October 17 through December 19. Club does not meet on 10/24 and 11/28.

Robotics: October 16 through December 18. Club does not meet on October 23 and November 27.

Character Counts Week @ WHES

Character Counts/Red Ribbon Week -SPIRIT WEEK!

Monday October 21- Make Character Count Day- Wear Something with a Number on it!

Tuesday October 22- Peaceful Tuesday- Wear Tie Dye!

Wednesday, October 23- Unity Day- Unite to Stomp out Bullying---Wear Orange

Thursday, October 24- Thankful Thursday- Mind your P’s Q’s Don’t wait until November to show your thanks. Take Time to show someone that you are thankful for them.

Wear your PJs!

Friday October 25th - Hero Day- Be A Hero- show your spirit by wearing a hero costume. Heroes have Character!!!

Tuesday October 29 - Wear Red for Red Ribbon Day!

Reading Groups at WHES

Every parent wants their child to learn how to read efficiently and so does the teacher when it comes to their students. It begins with oral language, the system in which we use spoken words to express knowledge, ideas and feelings. The components of oral language are necessary to communicate and learn through conversation and spoken interaction, which have implications for learning to read and write. Children learn phonics sounds and become automatic with these sounds. They will be able to see letters in a word and be able to say the sounds straight away. Once your child knows all of the phonic sounds they will be able to read proficiently. If you want your child to be a fluent reader then learning phonics is the best way to do this. Not only do you want to encourage your child to read quickly but you want them to be able to read accurately. As the phonics skills of your child develop so will their reading comprehension. The improvement in comprehension comes from the ability of your child to be able to pronounce all of the words that they see correctly. They will increase their understanding of these words and their vocabulary will also increase.

Teaching each and every student to read at Whittier Elementary is shifting with increased instructional time spent on phonics through structured literacy that is multi sensory. Reading groups will focus on two-three days of specific phonemic awareness and phonics skills that are applied in a short decodable text. All students will have access to grade level text and beyond throughout the week. Students will also work in reading groups two-three days a week with an emphasis on comprehension skills. We will continue to implement the Common Core Standards through FCPS reading and writing curriculum. Whittier Elementary along with FCPS is responsive to students needs to increase the instructional time spent on phonics in order for all students to read and spell accurately.

Birthday Celebrations, Goody Bags

Our students birthdays are recognized on morning announcements. Students receive a dog tag from their classroom teacher.

We do not celebrate birthdays or holidays with goody bags or food. The exception is our Fall Harvest Party and Valentine's Party- where we do have food that is monitored by the classroom teacher.


Monday October 14th

3:45 Girls on the Run (Must be pre-registered)

Tuesday October 15th

7:45 Boomshakers (Must be pre-registered)

3:45 Chess Club (Must be pre-registered)

3:45 Whittier Music Makers (Must be pre-registered)

Wednesday October 16th

School Pictures

7:45 Just Dance (Must be pre-registered)

3:45 Robotics (Must be pre-registered)

3:45 Girls on the Run(Must be pre-registered)

Thursday October 17th

3:45 Coding Club (Must be pre-registered)

4pm Young Rembrandts (Must be pre-registered)

Friday October 18th

7:45 Just Dance (Must be pre-registered)

Sunday October 20th

8:30 1K Fun Run

9:00 WHES 5K

Monday October 21st

Character Counts Spirit Week- Make your Character Count- Wear something with a # on it

3:45 Girls on the Run

4pm Leadership Meeting

Tuesday October 22nd

PTA Pizza Blitz Dinner Fundraiser 4-8pm

Character Counts Spirit Week- Peaceful Tuesday- Wear Tie Dye

Kindergarten Field Trip to Gaver Farms

7:45 Boomshakers

3:45 Chess Club

3:45 Whittier Music Makers

Wednesday October 23rd

Character Counts Spirit Week- Unity Day(Unite against Bullying) ---Wear Orange

11:45 Just Dance

Fall Conferences 4-8pm

Students attend school @ 12:30- Dismiss @ 3:30

3:45 Girls on the Run

PTA Teacher Appreciation Dinner

Thursday October 24th

Character Counts Spirit Week- Thankful Thursday- Mind your P’s Q’s Don’t wait until November to show your thanks. Take Time to show someone that you are thankful for them. Wear your PJs!

Fall Conferences 4-8pm

Students attend school @ 12:30- Dismiss @ 3:30

4pm Young Rembrandts

Friday October 25th

Character Counts Spirit Week- HERO Day

Fall Conferences 1-4pm

Student attend school from 8:30-12:00

Fall Harvest Parties for Grades K, 4, 5 @ 11:00 am

6:30 Trunk or Treat Begins