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Life Insurance

Life insurance helps financially protect your family in the event of your death. Life insurance can help make sure that in your absence, those financial needs are taken care of long into the future. We have a wide variety of plans to help do just that.

Health Insurance

Finding health insurance in today’s marketplace can seem impossible. Health insurance can offer you a confusing array of options not all of them good and affordable. We can help you make these choices. Let us help you learn, compare and save!

Personal Auto Insurance

Auto insurance in NC can protect you from loss in the event of an accident.

We offer the following options for your auto insurance in NC:

Bodily Injury Liability- Covers injuries to others caused by the policy holder while operating an automobile

Medical or Personal Injury Protection- Covers treatment of the driver and passengers of the policy holder’s car in the event of an accident

Property Damage Liability- Covers damages caused to someone else’s property by the policy holder while operating an automobile

Collision- insures the policy holder from loss during a collision with another vehicle or object

Comprehensive- protection for the policy holder’s car from damage and loss resulting from incidents other than collision

Uninsured Motorist- Covers medical treatment of the policy holder’s injuries in the event of a collision with an uninsured driver