Fulton Focus

For the parents and patrons of the Fulton School District

November 20, 2015

A message from the Superintendent

Dear Families and Patrons,

My November 6, 2015 Focus comments discussed Active Shooter training and other safety strategies in the District. However, that discussion and those strategies are only part of our safety challenge. Each day, faculty and administrators are dealing with an increasing amount of disrespectful behavior and refusal to do work which leads to a general ‘I can do what I want’ attitude. Combatting this trend is challenging, but our faculty is adjusting activities and striving to keep each child engaged on their own interest level. These efforts are designed for student academic success while simultaneously creating a positive classroom environment.

Even with positive classroom and building management, we still have troubling critical discipline violations! In the past three weeks, the Superintendent, per Board of Education Policy and state statute, has extended discipline in excess of initial building level consequences to a group of FHS students choosing to bring and consume alcohol in the High School, an FHS student arriving at school high on marijuana (as confirmed by the Fulton Police), and a Middle School student bringing two guns to school. These are tough issues for parents, but just as difficult for the Administrators to balance a child’s right to public education with the safety right of all other students. Note that in almost every serious discipline case, a student has informed an adult of the issue. Please encourage your child to report troubling instances to an adult; we will find a solution to keep a safe environment.

As Middle School parents were informed yesterday, November 19, 2015, the Fulton Police Department along with the Boone County Sheriff’s Department narcotics officers and their dog searched FMS. No narcotics were found; however, it is a good process to ensure your child is safe in a drug free environment. Optimistically, periodic searches will continue at the Secondary Buildings. Realistically, our city and county law enforcement agencies need funding to have a narcotics dog in Callaway County that would be more readily accessible to our district.

So, how can you help your student(s)?

· Clarify your behavior expectations for your child at school and in public.

· Ask about the school day? Activities? Successes?

· Check homework for completion at home; then through the Parent Portal.

· Know your student’s afterschool plans.

· Know and communicate with parents of your student’s friends.

· Don’t be afraid to call other parents to confirm activities or parties.

· Encourage participation in structured activities at school and in the community.

· Encourage your child to report dangerous situations or activities to a trusted adult.

Your faculty and staff strive to maintain safe classroom, building, and transportation environments every day. Please help us keep your schools safe! Your thoughts regarding safety improvement are always welcome. I can be reached at 573-590-8000 or jcowherd@fulton58.org.

Thank you for sending great kids for us to work with!


Jacque A. Cowherd, Ed.D.


P.S. The FPS discipline policy is referenced in all Student Handbooks and is found at https://eboard.eboardsolutions.com/ePolicy/policy.aspx?PC=JG-R1&Sch=60&S=60&RevNo=1.11&C=J&Z=A

Thank you, Fulton Foundation!

The FHS Classes of 1950, 1964 and 1965 were a part of history Wednesday evening, November 11, 2015, when their combined reunion class gifts helped the Fulton Public Schools Foundation make its largest single gift ever to the Fulton Public School District of $30,000.

Each year, the Foundation works with the School District to determine items from the District’s ‘needs list’ for funding. Reunion classes are then encouraged to make donations to the Foundation to help fund those items. The efforts of the three classes totaled approximately $23,000 allowing the Foundation to add a bit more and fund a much needed audio-visual system in the High School Commons area. The new system will consist of a mounted retractable 100”x160” screen, a mounted projector with lighting capacity sized for the area, and a sound system with wireless microphones. Currently the school is using a large sheet for a screen and a portable projector. The School District will fund approximately $1,300 for installation and related costs.

During the presentation of the gift to the Fulton Public School Board Wednesday evening, executive director, Diane Burre Ludwig, noted, “It is very exciting to be able to take on a project this large and know that our FHS alumni had such a big part in making it happen. We are very proud of the classes of 1950, 1964 and 1965 and their generous giving spirits.”

The Fulton Public Schools Foundation, founded in 2004, annually funds classroom grants to teachers and has given more than $39,000 since the program began in 2008. In addition, it currently supports Academic Week activities each spring and will be offering additional grants in 2016 as funding allows.

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The Constitution Project Team Wins Regionals!

The Constitution Project Team represented Fulton very well in the first year of participating in the competition. Placing first in the Regional competition, the Team advanced to the State Competition on November 10. Although they did not win the State competition, the Team did very well and is looking forward to next year. AJ Ballard received the Scout Award for Journalism.

Thank you to the members of the community who donated their time to mentor our Team members. Judge Carol England, Prosecuting Attorney Chris Wilson, Major Roger Rice, and Editor of the Fulton Sun, Rick Kennedy were a key component to the success of the Team this year.

Snow Routes

Can you believe it's that time of year? The Fulton Public Schools Transportation Department has been working hard to get the information regarding snow routes ready to go prior to the first snow event. A letter was given to your child as he/she exited the bus on Friday, November 13. If you didn't receive this information, you can access it from our website at http://www.fulton58.org/vnews/display.v/ART/51c310d9c8f7c

Here are some additional points on snow routes as we approach the winter season:

  • Snow routes will be implemented once the main roads are deemed impassable.
  • Snow routes may be needed due to significant accumulation where crews are unable to clear bus turn-arounds, cul-de-sacs, and other treacherous areas.
  • Buses may be as much as 15 minutes early or late to any bus stop. Please dress students appropriately for the weather in preparation for longer than normal wait times.
  • When snow routes are running, they will run for both AM and PM routes.
  • You will receive a call and/or text from FPS regarding school cancelation or the running of snow routes. This information will also be posted on the website at www.fulton58.org, and on the FPS Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Fulton-Public-Schools-298183414812/ and recorded on the school information line--573-590-8014.
  • Please log into your Parent Portal if you need to update your email address or phone number to ensure you receive important information from Fulton Public Schools.

As always, if you have questions please call the Transportation office at 573-590-8020 or Central Office at 573-590-8000.