TCS Cookie Exchange

Spend an afternoon enjoying some cookies and cheer!

TCS Cookie Exchange

Monday, March 30th, 3:45pm

TCS (Melissa's Room)

The Details:

  • We will meet after carpool in Melissa's room.
  • The plan is to have fun, relax, sample cookies and share recipes!
  • We would also like to show our appreciation to our facilities team and local fire/police departments so we will make a platter for them.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

The Rules:

  • All cookies should be homemade. Once we get an exact number of people attending, I will share how many cookies you will need to bake.
  • No plain chocolate chip cookies, cookie mixes, or meringues.
  • Arrange cookies in a basket or creative! Bring a large container to take the shared cookies home in.
  • Before the party - email Melissa a copy of your recipe and what type of cookie you are planning to bake. We don't want duplicate cookies. :-)
  • If you don't have time to bake or have burnt cookies and still want to participate, you must go to a real bakery and buy the amount of cookies you were supposed to bake.