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In the Great Gasby all of them create false images. When we lose our self control trying to fulfill our dream we tend to create a false image of ourself. We tend to pretend that nothing is wrong and that we don't care at all what is wrong. Gatsby created such a false image that he even tried to get rid of his past and erase it completly. He created such a false image to please the girl of his dreams. They are chasing after the wrong person and just telling themselves lies and lieing to each other to appear that they still have it all together.

In Inside Job it shows people in general including the rich. All of the people are trying to peruse their dream and they will do what ever it takes to achieve that goal. While trying to achieve their goal they will loose self control and and create a false image and disconnect from reality they don't want to be told something can't be done. They want to make the impossible possible and they will do what ever it takes to get there.

In High School Confidential Notes On Teen Movies David Denby tells us that teens do anything to create that false image that they have it all together and that they are the best. He says that teens strive to look the best and constentally compete to be the top dog. We create this false image and lose self control over being the best.