don't get burned or shocked !!!

Lizmar Aosta Pibernus

preventing electrical shocks & burns

Follow these rules to prevent getting shocked or burned


  • wet hands
  • standing on wet floor when useing electrical appliances
  • not keeping cords in good condition
  • tugging on a cord
  • running electrical cords under a rug
  • inserting forks or other objects into an appliance
  • plugging too many appliances into one outlet

  • keep electrical appliances and cords away from water , sink stove and any other heat sources
  • never use electrical appliances when standing on wet floor or if hands are wet
  • unplug electrical appliances before cleaning them
  • keep appliances and cords in good condition
  • hold the plug not the cord when you unplug the appliances tugging on it may damage it
  • don't run electrical cords under rugs
  • if food gets stuck in an appliance , disconnect it first
  • never insert a fork in an electrical appliance or any other objects
  • do not plug too many appliances in an outlet
  • if someone around you gets shocked , do not touch them until its safe