Binge Drinking

By: Jenn Garcia

Health Concerns

There are many health concerns that can happen to the body. Many of these include:

  • unintentional injuries
  • intentional injuries
  • alcohol poisoning
  • unintentional pregnancies
  • alcohol poisoning
  • sexually transmitted disease (STD's)
  • pregnancies where the child may be diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
  • high blood pressure and/or other cardiovascular diseases
  • liver disease
  • neurological damage
  • sexual dysfunction
  • poor control of diabetes
Binge drinking is the excessive use of alcohol in a short amount of time. Most binge drinkers range from the age of 18-34, but some people still binge drink at the age of 65. Most college students the age of 26 binge drink. Binge drinking can affect both men and women but the out of drinks differs. For women the amount of drinks is only four drinks. However, for men the amount is only five. Also, most binge drinkers are not alcohol dependent. Most binge drinkers binge drink about four to five times a month. 90% of all the alcohol that was consumed was by young adults below the age of 21.

What the costs are for the United States

The cost of drinking too much costs the U.S. 249 billion dollars in 2010 today might be a whole lot more. Inge drinking was responsible for 77% of what it cost the United States. The amount of money that the U.S. had to pay was responsible for loss in productivity, health care, crime and other expenses. Binge drinking is also responsible for 88,000 deaths according to a study in 2010.