Swenson's Weekly Scoop

Highlights from September 8th - September 12th

What are we learning?

We finished our first week of working with character traits. We talked out how each of us have our own internal and external traits. We completed many activities to show our understanding of character traits, including a presentation using the app Nearpod (see the pictures below).

We also finished up our place value unit in math and have started working on estimation, factors and multiples. Your child also started with a new teacher in math. Please ask them who their math teacher is, so you know who to contact if you have any questions.

We are continuing our work with Daily Five. If you are wondering why you haven't seen any spelling homework come home, it is because we are working on it during our Daily Five rotation. If they don't finish their work by Thursday, they will need to bring it home to be completed by Friday.

Reminder: Please check and sign your child's planner every night. You will know your child has homework if the box that says "finished" is circled instead of checked.

Mystery Hangout

We will soon be getting to know other classrooms around the USA! We will have our first Mystery Hangout next Friday, Sept. 26th. If you are wondering what a Mystery Hangout is, it is where we connect with another classroom somewhere in the country (or world) via Google Hangouts. The students have no idea where the other classroom is located. The students ask the other classroom questions to help locate them.

We have been preparing for this experience by completing our own practice Mystery Hangouts. If you are interested in being a part of this activity, please let me know, and I can send out a link for you join us. We are looking forward to learning about other students our age!

Pictures from our practice experience are below.

Katherine Otoshi book orders

Author Katherine Otoshi will be coming to visit us on Tuesday, October 14th. A book order was sent home last week to order her books. If you are interested in purchasing a book for your child, please send the form back to school by Friday, September 26th. If you need another form, please let me know.