By: Jeffrey Kolpikov and Cris Sosa

History of the sport

The sport was invented by an Englishman in the late 1800's

How the sport is played

Riders, wearing cleated shoes push the sled to make it as fast as they can. Then the rider jumps in as it gets faster. The Brakeman, rider and in the four man race the pushers get in the sleigh. They try to get to the finish as fast as possible.
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When the first woman's event took place (first essential question)

The event with two-woman was made in Salt Lake City in 2002

When the firts men's events took place (second essential question)

The first four-man race took place in 1924 and the first two-man event was added in the 1932

Past champions of 2010 (third essential question)

Events in Bobsleigh

There is a four man and a two man for the men but only a two man for the woman
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Sochi 2-woman winners

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Sochi 2-man winners

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sochi 4-man winners

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