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Basketball Programs Earn Post-Season Honors

Congratulations to the following members of the boys and girls basketball programs for earning post-season honors.

Girls Basketball

Tionne Taylor - 1st Team All-Conference

Lexy Pelligrini - 2nd Team All-Conference

Boys Basketball

Mike Brohm - 1st Team All-Conference

Daylon Dalton - 2nd Team All-Conference

Kurt Jacob - IAABO Coach of the Year

Maddi Leigh Earns All-Metro Honors From St. Louis Track Club

Congratulations to Howell cross country and track runner Maddi Leigh for earning 1st Team All-Metro honors from the St. Louis Track Club. Maddi was recognized at the St. Louis Track Club annual banquet on March 4th.
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Boys Basketball Finishes Season 22-6

For the third straight year the boys basketball program won the GAC South title and recorded twenty wins during the season. The Vikings finished the season 22-6 after falling to Lafayette in the District Championship game on a last second three pointer. Congratulations to boys basketball on another strong season.
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Hale And Szarwinski Accepted To Missouri Fine Arts Academy

Two Howell juniors, Emily Hale and Camryn Szarwinski were accepted into the Missouri Fine Arts Academy for summer of 2018. This is an exciting achievement and an honor for both of these young ladies, who will be representing our school, and earning college credit.

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Choir Comes Home With Impressive Scores From District Competition

It is no secret that the Howell choir is very talented and last week our Vikings proved that. The Choir took part in Districts and it was a truly impressive two days. In all, 38 students out of 44 participating received a 1 or 2. The large ensembles received all 1's for their performances as well at Districts. You can view the results from Districts below. Congratulations again to Mrs. Fitzpatrick and to all of the choir students that participated.

Vocal Solos Receiving 1's -Rachel Anthonis, Rebekah Anthonis, Shannon Callanan, Mikayla Angeli, Diana West Addison Struckmkan, Madalyn Wheeler, & Addison Strehl.

Vocal Ensembles Receiving 1's-Madi Jackson, Lydia Frederick, Emma Witter, Gillian Steeno, Lindsi Wilfing, Diana West, Ashley Foster, Erin Jones, Madisyn Johnson, Faith Jackson, De’jah Hoskins, Sierra Bice, & Jewel Clark

Vocal Solos Receiving 2's -Erik Kiewiet, Allison Schulz, Courtney Crow, Madison Jackson, Amalia Coleman, & Erin Zhang

Vocal Ensembles Receiving 2's -Zach Adams, Alex Fellows, Trey Kaminski, Ben Stahl, Tony Fritzius, Zeke Dallah, Tyler Nadler, Kaylah Janssen, Rachel Sinn, Juliana Reihms, Taylor Montanero, Kiara Altieri-Quintero, & Katelyn Traluch

Womens Chorus - 1 Rating

Buzzell,Lauren E, Clark,Jewel V, Edgar,Abigail E, Hodsdon,Clara E, Hoskins,De'Jah N, Jackson,Faith L, Johnson,Madisyn J, Jones,Erin E, Juan,Isabelle W, Kinnear,Abigail V

Liebsch,Danielle E, Marfisi,Alyssa A, McGraw,Rowan R, Schroeder,Carlie A, Voss,Eva M, Bice,Sierra J, Foster,Ashley N, Gibbons,Marissa N, Wilson, Sarah

Concert Choir - 1 Rating

Bellm,Mary R, Bellm,Sarah A, Blackwood,Morgan P, Douglass,Halle A, Hale,Emily B

Harden,Maijah J, LaChance,Sophia E, Lanham,Megan E, Nadler,Kristina P, Pullen,Sunshine R, Reese,Faith L, Schenk,Katelyn N, Wilson,Kirra L, Anthonis,Rachel M, Anthonis,Rebekah G, Bradshaw,Brianna Q, Norris,Samantha L, Ohara,Devon M, Schulz,Allison P, Stoutenborough,Amber, Wilfing,Lindsi R, Adams,Zachary J, Barks,Kenaz A, Baxter,Noah M, Bono,Santino A, Bridges,Jonah P, Cargill,Ethan J, Fellows,Alex T, Fritzius,Anthony K, Gustafson,Charles W, Haley,Michael R, jaeckle,Conner T, Jenkins,Blake E, Kaminski,Ronald C (Trey), Kam,Riley D, Kennedy,Graceson R, Kiewiet,Erik S, Liddell,Kaden L, Saldana,Caleb A, Stahl,Benjamin E, Valenti,Austin B, VanMondfrans,Tanner J, Dallah, Ezekiel, Nadler, Tyler

Women’s Chamber Choir - 1 Rating

Angeli,Mikayla N, Becker,Faith, Davis,Mariah J, Detchemendy,Jocelyn, Frederick,Lydia M, Hetzel,Olivia D, Jackson,Madison L, Kuiper, Grace, McCarter,Ashley A, Modglin, Hannah M

Parker,Macie A, Pinz,Madeline M, Steeno,Gillian M, Storts,Meghan K, Strehl,Addison G

Struckman,Addison M, Thuet,Kayla M, West,Diana M, Wheeler,Madalyn V, Witter,Emma K

Zhang,Erin R

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Band Has Strong Performances At Districts

The Howell band had many great individual and group performances at Districts last week. In all the Vikings took home fourteen "2" ratings and eight "1" ratings with eight qualifying for State. At District large ensemble the Symphonic Band earned a "2" while the Wind Ensemble earned a "1." Congratulations to all participants. You can view the results from those that earned 1's and 2's at Districts below. Congratulations again to Mr. Miller and all Band members!

1 Ratings

Miguel Kaiser - Keyboard Mallet

Melanie DuBois - French Horn

Zach Lewis - Alto Saxophone

Emmeline Koo - Flute

Matthew Hinkle - Keyboard Mallet

Michael Brown -Trumpet

Andrea Lin - Violin

Trumpet Trio - Will Dobert, Megan Stoutenborough and Christopher Mosher

2 Ratings

Hamming Lin - Flute

Mixed Woodwind Trio - Isabella Reed, Priyanka Thomas and Clare Raftery

Megan Stoutenborough - Trumpet

Isabella Reed - Violin

Jack Stiens - Keyboard Mallet

Marissa Gibbons - B-Flat Clarinet

Clare Rafterty - B-Flat Clarinet

Katie West - B-Flat Clarinet

Mixed Brass Quintet - Mike Brown, Jeffrey Reckis, Anthony Losch, Keving Stitch and Emily Fitzpatrick

Will Kumar - Trumpet

Amber Stoutenborough -Flute

Erin Tibbetts - Flute

Mixed Woodwind Quartet - Allison Christman, Julia Broida, Caleb Bogener and Kurt Wiegand

Kevin Stitch -Trombone

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Howell Spotlight Artist - Kelly Schroeder

As the Viking Insider continues to recognize students across all activities at Howell, we continue one of the great features of the Viking Insider, the "Howell Spotlight Artist." Howell is full of many talented young men and women and we have several very gifted artists that we will highlight over the course of the next several weeks. This week we take a look at the work of Kelly Schroeder and learn more about her theme for her work.

Artist: Kelly Schroeder

Grade: Senior

Favorite Howell Art Class: Painting

Favorite Medium: Paint

Sustained Theme: "Hands"

Favorite Work: "Hidden Smiles"

Howell Spotlight Artist - Addie Lang

As the Viking Insider continues to recognize students across all activities at Howell, we continue one of the great features of the Viking Insider, the "Howell Spotlight Artist." Howell is full of many talented young men and women and we have several very gifted artists that we will highlight over the course of the next several weeks. This week we take a look at the work of Addie Lang and learn more about her theme for her work.

Artist: Addie Lang

Grade: Senior

Favorite Howell Art Class: Drawing

Favorite Medium: Colored Pencil

Sustained Theme: "Grandpa's Life"

Favorite Work: "Encapsulated"

Shannon Callanan Peforms For National Honor Choir

Congratulations to Shannon Callanan on being selected to perform in the National Honor Choir at the National ACDA Conference in Minneapolis last week. Singers from all over the country auditioned for this very selective group. Shannon worked with clinicians and master conductors over the course of several days to perform choral music with some of the top singers in the nation. Congratulations to Shannon for representing Howell at the national level!
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Meghan Swoboda Competes At Speech and Debate NSDA Districts

Howell's very own Meghan Swoboda competed in the NSDA Speech and Debate Districts over the weekend. Meghan had a great weekend making it through seven elimination rounds and finishing fourth in "Humerous Interpretation." Her finish at Districts earned her "First Alternate" status for Nationals. Congratulations to Meghan on a great Speech and Debate season.
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Howell Yearbook Students Earn Recognition From CSPA

Congrats to 2016 graduates and yearbook editors Lexi Farran and Madeline Villeneuve for their three certificates of merit from CSPA. They placed in Endsheets, Division page design, and with 2017 senior Gabriela Gable, Student Life-One Spread. Furthermore, 2016 graduate Lilly Socha placed first in People Spread with Mugs.

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Winter Programs Hold High Attendance Rates

Congratulations to all winter programs that earned an attendance rate above 95% during the month of February! At Howell student-participants are truly students first!
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Luke Sturm Wins Mr. Viking

The 2017 edition of Mr. Viking had a very talented field of Vikings vying for the title this year. Congratulations to Luke Sturm for winning the Mr. Viking competition. Runner ups included Nick Schultz - 1st runner up; Zach Rieder - 2nd runner up and Mark Daming was Mr. Congeniality. Congratulations to all that participated.
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Howell Alum Cody Stoll Earns PGA Tour Card

Congratulations to Howell alum Cody Stoll for recently earning his PGA Tour Card. He will begin at Algonquin Country Club soon.
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Howell Alum Carly Harper Earns All-Conference Honors

Congratulations to Howell alum Carly Harper on being named to the all-conference team in her freshman year at Culver Stockton College. Harper was the only player to start all 30 games this season for the Wildcats. She averaged a team-high 9.9 points, 5.6 rebounds and 1.5 assists while playing 28.2 minutes per game. Harper shot 81.2 percent from the free throw line, making 69 of her 85 attempts this season. Congratulations again to Carly Harper!
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