#WE Rise

Links to Remote Learning for September 3, 2020

We're so excited about next week!

Hello friends! We are busy planning for your return to school! We have shared some information on this page today for you to review to get ready for coming back next week.

Thanks to all of you who turned in your webcam safety course. Remember, if you choose to have your child's webcam turned on, you will need to submit a signed consent form (see below). You can print the form at home or pick up a copy on our lunch line or in the office. You can bring the signed form to the office or mail it to us. As soon as its received, we'll enter an order to have the webcam turned on.

If you need a bus, please call or message Mrs. Cleary to make sure your child is on a route. If your family needs to make a change, please call Mrs. Spears. 336-838-4261

If you're having technology trouble, please reach out for help. We've shared some logging in help below, but you can also complete our tech help form or call directly. We can even come to you if necessary to make remote learning a success.

Parents, also note that in order for us to count your child in attendance, we must verify that the student is engaged (completing and submitting assignments), on pace (participating in the virtual classroom), or receiving academic/emotional support (directly from the teacher). If this isn't happening, your child will be counted absent. Please make sure that your child is submitting work and that you are communicating with the teacher daily. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Taking Care of Your Chromebook