Food for Thought

April 27th

Engaged to be Effective

Using the area model method for multiplication

This method of multiplication helps students understand place value while multiplying! This is a great way to support students who struggle with multiplying 2 digit or higher numbers. It also is a great way to practice decomposing numbers :)

Contact Rupal if you would like to see this in action!

Morale Boosters


  • Manicures April 21 and 22 Sign up in Lounge-M&M
  • Monday, April 27 Salad Bar starting at 10:30-PTA
  • Tuesday, April 28 Breakfast starting at 7:30-M&M
  • Mini Massages/Pizza April 30 and May 1st -M&M
  • Wednesday, April 29-Surprise for Staff-PTA
  • Thursday/Friday Stock the Fridge-PTA

You Rock!

  • Diana rocks for helping to keep everyone accountable for filling out a dpr..

    Liz rocks for following up on IEP meeting parental questions.

    Krista rocks for coming up with a great Open House idea for the 6th grade team.

  • Yolanda & Veronica, our secretaries rock. Thank you for your hard work!

  • My team rocks! Annette, Gisela and Julian make JA a better place!

  • Nora Muneton for being an AMAZING CICO mentor for four of my students.....what a difference she is making here at JA!

  • Rupal you rock for helping me observe a fellow teacher!

  • Our Literacy team Rocks for doing a great job with the new Spanish KIP. Thanks, we are seeing the results!

  • 5th grade for handling things Friday and Monday and entertaining me along the way!!!! Peg

  • Molly and Mary rock for continually creating such fun announcements! NF

  • Donika/Hannah - Doing an excellent job with the new SIS paperwork

  • Traci Globe rocks for helping out one of my students that needs a sensory break daily!!!

  • Sally rocks for publishing books for my students on her own time. She has instilled a love of writing in my students!

  • Monica and Michelle rock for bringing our spa services to the lounge. NF

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