Allusion project

Michelle p. 5/22/13 period: 3rd

Allusion 1: Ladies' law

ladies' law - when a woman is in the presence of a family member, acquaintance, or friend; if the person uses abusive, threatening or profanity he is to be fined no higher than 200$, put in jail or work hard labor.

~ Harper lee used this allusion to defend Helen when she is Mr. Ewell is stalking her which is making her scared which could lead to assault and she must have needed a man to back her up cause she would have reported it already. he also wanted to protect Helen children too. what Ewell wants is Helen and her children not go to out of her house so to prevent this he tries to scare her by stalking her and looking over her fence.

this affects the reader cause they can tell that Mr. Ewell will be threatened with ladies law code.

Allusion 2: One Man's Family

One man's family was soap opera on television version of Radio serial that was introduced in 1832.

~Harper lee used this to show that soap operas are serial drama so when scout said they were reenacting Boo's big scene it was meant that it had serial drama in it and scout has heard of One man's family and Harper lee used this as a metaphor to boo's big scene.when Scout, Dill and Jem were playing " Boo's big scene " Chapter XXV, Book II of One man's family was used as metaphor for playing Boo's big scene.This affects the reader cause they can have a sense of how the scene felt like in dramatic serial.

Allusion 3: Octagon soap

Octagon soap - harsh strong smelling soap.

~ Harper lee used this to show that when Calpurina was bathing scout she would make sure that she smelled very well so scout used alliteration to show that she smelled just like the soap or had a smell that came from her that was very strong. this affected the reader to show how scout smelt like.

Chapter 4 page 53 line:16

Scouts P.O.V 'One day we were so busily playing Chapter XXV Book II of One Man's Family, we did not see Atticus standing on the sidewalk looking at us, slapping a rolled magazine against his knee.'