Alert!! Dangerous Situation Ahead!!

By: Danielle and Ola

Steps to avoiding being Peer Pressured in to taking drugs

Start off early by not associating yourself with people that you think may try to pressure you. But don't just judge everyone! Hang out with whoever you want but as soon as you feel uncomfortable back off and find some new friends.

Ask the people pressuring you why they feel it is so important to try drugs at this time in their lives. You may find that you can avoid drugs by helping the people out. Have an open discussion where everyone is free to voice their ideas and worries. You might find that some people are pressured at home, or they use drugs to help them deal with depression. If this is the case, try your best to help them.

Always be true to yourself. You know what's right and if your friends won't accept that you don't want to try drugs, then it's time to move on. You might have known them since kindergarten, but you aren't doing yourself any good by being pressured into things.

If they are persistently hounding you to try then just say no. Sometimes saying no is the best way to let that person/

people know that you mean business and your not falling for their tricks.

Walk away. Simply walk away or run if they chase you.

Help In Case of Dangerous Situations

Dangerous situation for pre-teens and teens

  • Drugs

  • Petty Theft

  • Peer Pressure

  • Alcohol abuse

  • Depression

  • Abuse

  • Petty Crimes

  • Being caught in a Robbery in progress

  • Being Kidnapped

  • Having abusive friends or family

  • Bullying

  • Rape

  • Harassment
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What to do in dangerous situations

  1. Situation: Peer Pressure! Strategy: Use one of Kelso’s Methods (i.e Say NO!)
  2. Situation: Bullying! Strategy: (1/10) Tell someone (adult, friend, family member)

  • 3. Situation: Drug/Alcohol involvement(friends trying to get you to try it)! Strategy: Lie (say you have already did it and it didn't do anything for you) Say no thanks, Find new friends, call the police

  • 4. Situation: Harassment! Strategy: Walk a different way (if its happening on the way home), Tell them to stop, ignore them, Tell someone you trust