National Space Centre

space,the final frontier.

welcome to Space!

hello this is a promotional flyer for the national space centre. I will be your guide on your journey of excitement that awaits you at this impressive attraction my production name is M5748D7 but you can call me M. " So M what is the National Space Centre all about." I here you say in your human drone, well let me tell you the answer to your question: The National Space Centre is well all about space if you hadn'nt yet noticed. But in the further text you will discover the secrets of space and how you can get involved.



By Road

The National Space Centre is located just off the A6, two miles north of Leicester City Centre, midway between Leicester's inner and outer ring roads. Brown road signs with a distinctive rocket logo will direct you from the arterial routes around Leicester.

By Train

East Midland Trains and Cross Country Trains serve Leicester Station. From here you can either take a bus or a taxi to the National Space Centre. First bus 54 runs every 10 minutes Monday to Saturday and every 20 minutes on Sunday from Charles Street,a short walk from the station.

By Bus

First Bus 54 runs every 10 mins throughout the day Monday to Saturday and every 20 mins on Sunday running from 9.30am.

by satelite : National Space Centre, Exploration Drive, Leicester, LE4 5NS

Hours: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


The National Space Centre Education Team have created a diverse range of workshops, programmes and trails that support National Curriculum learning at all ages. Take part in one of our Education or Space Academy programmes, including planetarium shows, tailored workshops, or simulated space missions in the Challenger Learning Centre.

All of our programmes are linked with the National Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Education. The National Space Academy partnership, led by the National Space Centre, is specifically focused on supporting secondary students and their teachers.

A range of curriculum focused programmes, careers events, teacher CPD opportunities and other resources are available. For more information about what we can offer look at our Space Academy pages.

When visiting the Space Centre galleries you can focus your students' attention on the exhibits and how they relate to what they are learning by using one of our exhibition trails. There are different trails for each of the key stages, from key stage 1 to key stage 4. Each trail is aimed at different areas of the curriculum to enhance students' understanding of specific topics.

If you can't come to us we can come to you. Why not try one of our exciting video conferences or one of our outreach programmes, which include workshops and our inflatable planetarium (the StarDome).

visit our dedicated education site for more info