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April 29 2015

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Ends Today!

Product Premier--June 13th

Registration will begins on Friday May 1st!

Conference Chatter!

$129 Registration ends May 15th

$250 Registration May 16-May 31

Exciting Changes for Award Night

  • Seating by SED lineage
  • Light appetizers at each table
  • Dance Party!
  • Team photo-op area

Updates to the Consultant Guidebook

Every year, Home Office reviews the Consultant Guidebook to make sure that it stays fresh and is updated with the latest happenings in the field, the latest emerging trends as it relates to social media and also provide any other clarification that may be needed for your business.

Policies in the updated Consultant Guidebook will go into effect on May 1, 2015. Please review the Consultant Guidebook carefully.

May Specials

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June Specials

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Team Facebook Page

So many things happening this fall! Remember to check TOT: AND if you aren't on our team Facebook page.....join us at:

We have an exciting busy spring ahead of us and our page will help you quickly answer those questions you may have and clear up any confusion with all the amazing things coming our way!

Kelly Heckert--Senior Executive Director