aluminum sliding doors

How to Clean and Maintain Aluminum Sliding Doors?

Aluminum sliding doors are popular with many consumers in home decoration because they not only save space, but also are beautiful. Upon daily household cleaning, the cleaning and maintenance cannot be ignored. Here are the method of cleaning and maintaining aluminum sliding doors

After using for some time, sliding doors will accumulate dirt, and will corrode after absorbing moisture in the air. Therefore, implementing cleaning at stated intervals is a must. And how to clean to them?
Door sheets
Door sheets play a key part in the cleanness of the door face. Tidy door sheets will brighten the house. Thus, the cleaning for door sheets is essential. For daily cleaning, a piece of soft dry cloth or silk cloth will be fine to scrub them in order not to scratch the surface. If there is a serious stain on door sheets, use a mild detergent or special cleaning to wipe off the stain and then dry it off. Remove minor scratches on its surface, use a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of toothpaste to clean it repeatedly.
Door frame
The door frame is made of metallic material. Daily cleaning requires a dry cotton cloth to wipe it. If you use water to clean it, wring the cloth and try to avoid damage the metal surface.
Door rail
The bottom of the door rail is easy to accumulate dust, which directly affects the bottom wheel sliding, further affecting the use life of sliding doors. As a result, you need to clear the dust of the bottom rail by a vacuum cleaner. Clean the corners with a cloth dampened with water. Remember that the cotton cloth is lint free.

To keep bright furniture is like to keep your skin as a new-born baby. It requires the home owner lots of love and care. What details do we need to pay special attention to?
Door rail
The door rail is the soul of the whole inside door. About every six months, a drop or two of oil is needed to drop on it to maintain its smoothness. Do not swing sliding doors so hard and avoid the load force; prevent gravity from hitting the door; no sharp objects or gravity damages the aluminum sliding door and the track; If the door body or the frame is damaged, please contact the manufacturer or the expertise worker to repair it.
Door track
Keep track clean to prevent matters from outside. If there are too many dusts, the track will be too much noise during use of pushing the door. If fouling debris and dust occur, a vacuum cleaner will be desirable.

The sliding door may seem simple, but the structure and its accessories are still complex. The sealed plastic tops and the glass seal are the key structure to ensure heat preservation and soundproofing. In case that the tops and glass seal fall off, replacement and repair should be implemented immediately.