Science Classroom

My ideal classroom

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Lab Supplies

  • Lab supplies in jars in case we go outside.
  • science text book
  • ingredients for experiments
  • safety goggles


  • pens/pencils
  • scissors
  • lab books


  1. With our smartboard we will look up videos for the things we are learning .
  2. With our smartboard we can listen to Christian music.
  3. We will also have computers for projects and science games.
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My science classroom will be colorful. The desks will face the smart board and the demonstration desk. Each desk will have a color. Our science classroom will have many fun things such as computers, the lab demonstration desk, and the smart board! The Teacher's desk will be behind the students so that the teacher can see everyone .The lab supply storage area will be next to the door. I hope you like my classroom!

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  • Mrs. Lieberman 5c