Personality Type: True Colors Gold

By: Noah Crawford

Overview of My Color

I think my color for the most part sums up how I am. In school I am very organized. I see life as very important. I also follow rules. I dislike disobedience. Lastly, I express lots of concern.

Childhood & Relationships

As a child I followed rules. I adapted to educational systems. As a child I was comfortable with routine and I respected authority. Lastly, as a kid I was logical in thinking and reasonable.


I provide stability and can maintain organization. My ability to handle detail and to work hard makes me important in many organizations. I believe that work comes before play. I think this personality type fits me well in this sense.

Leadership Style

In a leadership situation I am very dependable. A gold leader usually doesn't need much recognition. A gold leader also needs some kind of agenda or to-do list. Gold leaders are also incredibly organized.

Symptoms of a Bad Day

Symptoms of a Bad Day of Gold types are anxiety and worry. Other symptoms are depression and fatigue. Basically most symptoms of a bad day boils down to some kind of psychosomatic problems. This description of a bad day is very accurate to how I feel.

Thoughts About My Color

Overall I think my color fits my very well. The leadership style is spot on. The symptoms of a bad day are also spot on as well. Lastly my color description is a very good representation of my personality.
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