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Why is Google Plus the next yellow Pages and not Facebook?

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Before a connected population was shown power by the arrival of Facebook. But it should be noted that the next yellow Pages is the Google Plus and not Facebook. When you try to search for a person in Google, you would find that their Google Plus information comes up and that too at the side bar. You can also get to see a quick rundown about the person and also the different ways how to contact the person through Google Plus. Likewise, if you try to search for a company on a Google, you would find a card on the extreme right sidebar where you cam get all the vital information of the company and this is possible only because of Google Plus. You would be able to find their contact information, hours of working, reviews and so on. So it makes you possible to get all their information without having to look for yellow page. This means that it has been the efforts made by Google to find place and people easily without any worries.

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There are also many other advantages that one can get from Google Plus. It is completely free and your local listing in Google Plus does not cost you anything. You can also take good advantage of Google advertising options when you completely set up your Google Plus local page. It is also possible to get the right benefits where Google places a market for your business and that too on Google Maps. This makes it very easy for your customers to get in touch with you which help you to get good businesses as well. It has also been seen that more than 97 percent of customers spend their time searching for local business listings on the web which makes Yellow Pages nearly obsolete. So it is best for you to look forward to your business listing on Google Plus that would help you remain much profitable. No matter if you have not set up a business website for the reason of spending too much money and time for it, then there is no reason to get worried. The best thing for you to do is to get advantage from Google Plus local page that would act as your site. So Google Plus is definitely the next Yellow Page where Facebook does not come in the scene at all.

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