Stop Cyberbullying

Bullies lose in the end

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is when a person bullies someone on the internet or online by saying nasty and hurtful things constantly.

Examples of Cyberbullying

  • emails or text messages
  • chats
  • embarrassing pictures

Three differences between cyberbullying & bullying

  • bullying is acted out face to face or physically
  • cyberbullying is done by electronic devices
  • cyberbullying can happen 24 hours and 7 days a week

Effects of Cyberbullying

  • students start to do drugs and do alcohol
  • students start to skip school
  • students start to receive poor grades
  • students have a lower self-esteem
  • students have more health problems

Prevent & Awareness

  • parents can start checking their online websites
  • adults can talk to their child about what they go on
  • they can let them get online for a certain amount of time
  • adults can have the password for whatever they wanna get on
  • parents can go online and advise what their child does

Establishing Rules

  • they should stop going on the internet
  • they should keep the evidence of the cyberbullying
  • you should block the person who is cyberbullying you

Reporting Cyberbullying

  • report cyberbullying to social media website
  • report to law enforcements
  • report it to your parents

Report to online server providers

  • social media service center
  • report to social media website

Report to your local Law Enforcement

  • Threats of violence
  • Stalking and hate crimes
  • Child pornograghy

Report to your school

  • schools can use information to help inform prevention and response strategies
  • schools are required to address cyber bullying in their anti-bullying policy