Scientific Revolution

Fanta B. 2nd Period

What was the change?

This was a century long discovery from the past historical changes in thoughts/belief to changes in society and organizations. It was which scientists built on their findings of the universe. It was also the development of physics, mathematics, astronomy and led to conflicts with long-held beliefs scientifically and religiously.

Who were the people associated with the change?

How did the change impact the society at the time?

Scientific Revolution began a change for modern science. It gave people a new view of the universe as a well-ordered system. There was also new advances in astronomy, physics, and chemistry. These explorations led scientists to study the nature world more closely.

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

All these wonderful men contributed to a new scientific way of thinking of the universe. Newton contributed by his universal law of gravity and that the universe was infinite with no center. This was important because it explained how stuff moved & what caused it to move. Galileo taught us to use the telescope to view objects out in space such as the moon. Because of his improvement of the military compass and telescope, people today can use these things to view stars above and tell directions. Copernicus changed the view of the universe from geocentric to heliocentric. Copernicus' theories formed a strong foundation for future scientists' to improve on his work.