Please settle financial obligations by April 30, 2021

Senior Fees

Greetings Seniors and Senior parents,

As we are approaching the end of the school year, there are various steps to complete before senior graduation. One of these steps is the settling of all fees, dues, or fines on record for seniors here at Knight High School.

All financial obligations must be settled before final check out from KHS to receive caps and gowns, and to participate in any graduation celebrations.

Attached within this newsletter, is a list of any seniors who are showing a record of fines, dues, or fees owed to Knight High School. This list is by student ID number, which corresponds to any financial balance owed.

The KHS Student web store is open for payment processing, and is accepting credit card payments, for your convenience.

The last day to settle any financial obligations is April 30, 2021.

Our student store is open for in person payment processing (Cashier’s check or CASH, as well as credit card payments) on Wednesdays, from 12-2PM. Please email for Student Store questions.

If you are disputing any financial charges, fines or fees, you can email Mrs. Mayra Santana, at

If you are displaying any library fees, and have questions on these fees, you can email Mrs. Yvonne Deaso, at

Click below for information on how to access or set up your Student Account, on our School web store. If you do not have a student store account, click on “How to set up my account” under “FEATURED”.

When your account has been set up, click on "My Account", you may be asked to log in. After logging in you will see your account information, on the left hand side click on "Unpaid Items" you will now see any fees that have been added to your account. You will then enter the amount to pay and add to cart.