Global warming and climate change

By: Alex

What are global warming and climate change?

Global warming and climate change refer to when the earth heats up due to build up of green house gases. Some of these gasses are CO2 and CH4 or carbon dioxide and methane.

The cause of global warming and climat change

The cause of global warming is the build up of green house gasses. The gasses are what comes out of cars and the emissions from power plants. These gasses float up to the atmosphere and then get caught. This makes sort of a blanket around the earth. The CO2 and CH4 trap radiation from the son which also creates a blanket.

Some of the consequences of global climate change

Because of the warming earth the polar ice caps would melt making water levels rise. Some parts of the earth would hear up some would get colder. This changing of the earth would destroy animals habitats such as the polar bears ice mealtime.

What can you do as a middle school student to help prevent global climate change?

As a middle school student one way I could do is inform other people about how little it takes to make there house more Eco friendly and how easy that is. Such as just upgrading a light bulb or having well insulated walls.