Immigrant Employment Law

Punish the employers, too!

Why it's needed

Many businesses in our country knowingly hire illegal workers. They do this because the illegal immigrants will work for less pay, and they are willing to do the more dangerous or dirty work. These people will work illegally in our factories for years, and then be picked up from their homes like criminals in the middle of the night. While it is wrong for them to be working here, they are not the only ones who should face a penalty. The employer should be punished as well, and that is just what this law will do.

What it will do

This law was made to punish the employers who hire illegal workers. They advertise in Mexico to get workers in their factories, and it needs to stop. The employer does not usually face any consequences for hiring illegal workers, but now they will. Instead of just picking up the illegal workers and taking them back to Mexico, the person who employs them will also be punished.

The consequences of breaking this law

For all offenses, the illegal workers will be taken back to their home countries. The employer will pay a fine of a varying amount depending on the number of illegal workers who are employed in that facility. Repeat offenses will bring about more fines of higher amounts and possibly jail time for the head of the company.

How it will help

These employers are not used to being punished for these types of things, their workers are taken back to their country, and they just get new ones, this law will punish these employers, causing them to stop hiring illegals. once they are faced with consequences, they will be encouraged to stop breaking the laws