Water Scarcity by: Solomon Cannaday 3rd period

African Land

Africa is one of the biggest continents in the world. It is home to the most erotic and most beautiful animals. The African terrain is very odd as well. There are desserts, rainforests, savannahs, and many more. In fact towards the middle of Africa you can see a dark green near the Democratic Republic of the Congo called called the green heart of Africa.


Africa has several great natural resources such as diamonds and gold. However africa has a gigantic lack of clean water. There are several issues with water in Africa.

Water Problems

African water kills more than 800,000 people alone. Not having soap and water to wash hands and provide proper sanitation kills off millions as well. It provides diseases that infect more than 80% of the African population. In Ghana 33 million people do not have acess to clean drinking water. The water is usually unsafe, dirty, and filled with diseases.

Water Chains

Water controlls the whole part of African problems. Unsafe water causes famine do to lack of animals. The lack of water causes deforestation which kills the trees. The lack of trees causes soil erosion. Soil erosion causes desertification. However all of these things mentioned cause destruction and death.

The Affect

-Many people in Africa die everyday due to water related subjects. The main people or group of people are the infants and small children. Their immune systems cannot take the water and eventually they become sick and die.

-Unsafe and distantanced water affects two groups of people. Elders are one of these groups. They cannot provide for themselves to make the journey for "unsafe" water. They usually die off due to lack of water or water related diseases.

-Another group of people affected by this are young school girls. They have to go out to collect dirty water for their peers. They also tend to miss a lot of school because of the lack of bathrooms and proper sanitation.

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