Vasco Da Gama



  • Vasco Da Gama

  • He was the first European to sail from from European to India around Africa.

Early Life

  • He was born on 1460 in sines Portugal.

  • Vasco Da Gamas dad was a knight & an explorer.

Reasons for Exploration

  • The king of Portugal told him to explore.

  • He could become rich trading spices in Europe.

Discoveries--give details

  • he left for his voyage from Lisbon Portugal on July 8 1497.

  • he used a boat for transportation.
  • he traded spices too become rich.


  • He died December 23 1524 in Co-chi India.

  • He took a boat all around Europe and India.

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First Voyage

Thursday, July 8th 1497 at 12am

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Lisbon