Nieves González

An everyday hero.

Who is she?

Nieves González is an everyday hero because she saved 57 child that travelled in a bus. The driver of the bus was leaning against the door, which was not closed very well. The driver was taking a curve and he fell off the school bus. Nieves took the wheel and swerved hard. She can't have a normal life. She takes crutches, she can't remember anything about that day.

-People said that the children shout, but I can't remember anything-She told-

-I didn't know how to drive a bus. I know how to drive a car. I didn't receive any money, and nobody thanked me anything,

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Her work.

She work as a guide. A typical working day for a guide means starting work at 10 AM and finishing at 8 PM. A guide works in a tourist information office.

At work, she has to show people places. To be a guide you need these skills: have knowledge about history, talk many languages...

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My opinion.

I would like to be a guide because I like deal with people and it seems interesting. But I would prefer to be a psychologist because I love help people and I have curiosity for that work.
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