Save The Hector's Dolphin Now

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Dolphins in danger

The Hector's Dolphin are endangered because of fisherman who put down gillnets which the dolphins get caught in. Their dorsal fin shaped like half a circle helps them to glide fast through the ocean.

Oh My Black Facial Markings

They have very distinct black facial markings that help identify what kind of dolphin they are. Like the dorsal fins they have. Personally I think that they look good different with their facial markings.

Here are some plants that live in coastal waters

Information about Hector's Dolphin


Hectors Dolphin are very courtship and the female dolphins don't give birth again until the baby is independent. They also migrate by going to the Akaroa Harbor. They live in the coastal waters of New Zealand. The average temperature of their habitat is 41-44 degrees. Their scientific name is Cephalorhyncus. Weird name right? (P.S. the picture on the right is a map of New Zealand and the purple part is where Hector's Dolphin are usually seen)

So go now and save this animal!

(P.S. on your left there is a picture of the Hectors Dolphin food web)

Here is a pyramid of a Hector's Dolphin.

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