Leadership Development

December 1, 2014

Monday, Dec. 1st, 4-6pm

Parker Administration Conference Room

Please bring:

Your fully charged laptop

Candi McKay book

Be prepared to discuss actions you took since Nov. 3.


Gallery Walk - Insightful reflections from our teacher partners

Revisit the 3 Step Conversation Strategy

Partnership Presentations

Practice Time

Work Time


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Gallery Walk - Insightful reflections from our teacher partners.

As you arrive on Monday, please read some of the reflections that are posted. A few examples:

I think what stuck with me most was the fact that in order to move forward, it must be a combined effort. On page 7, McKay states, "It (change) happens when teachers and school leaders make a commitment to implement the change and apply what they've learned." Without both parties being truly invested, growth cannot occur. I feel fortunate that our school (and district) leaders and my colleagues have a growth mindset and are open to change in order to improve instruction for our students

On page 35, "They (leaders) intentionally seek out the teacher and engage them in conversation, reflection, and professional dialogue. These conversations may only last a few minutes, but they send a powerful message to teachers about the leader's role in supporting quality instruction." The more that this can happen in our district, the better of our district will be. Increasing the frequency of conversations between teacher and leader, will allow for the opportunity for deeper reflection.

I agree with what McKay states on p.35 about leaders demonstrating their beliefs through actions. This is a necessary step towards changing the mindset of their staff. When our school leaders show that they can grow, it sends a message to their staff that everyone can get better, even if you aren't bad. It also fosters a culture of learning for their school.