Staff Meeting April 16th

Our meeting will be in Tracy's room at 8:00am

STAFFING meeting (optional) will be at 8:00am

Regular staff meeting will start at 8:30am

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Proposed Agenda:

8:00am-8:30am - Staffing meeting (optional for those who wish to be involved in staffing process)

Emergency Procedures: review of procedures (fire drill/lock down/shelter in place/evacuation)

1) review of lock down from Monday; questions/concerns; Be sure blinds to outside are pulled down, use best judegement and common sense

2) what do these look like at recess? If outside during a lockdown, go to evacuation site (golf course by way of crossing the road and walking behind the white building).

3) Safe supervision reminders below (including wearing vests, wearing keys)

-reminders to kids to NOT open doors for adults coming into the building. They need to buzz in to the office. Teachers please talk to your class about this.

4) staff should have ID swipe key on at all times

5) students should be calling from downstairs office phone if calling home

6) families should check in at the office, not be wandering school. Ask parent if they have checked in at the office.

New Students: Profile sharing

New students: Ben & Tom Fisher

Tenisha Friday

Technology Support Survey from ITS - link below

Our School Survey - Grade 4-8 until April 30th. Do we want to do this?

Volunteer Breakfast: May 10th 8:30am-9:15am (staff sign up link below). Please form a list of volunteers from your room and submit to Sherry Hill. Invitations will be given to teachers to send home with students. All staff welcome to join the continental breakfast :)

Safe Supervision

Safe and Super Supervision Reminders:

Movement: it is important to continually move around the assigned duty area to ensure proactive monitoring of student behaviours, and be readily available to support students in need. Staff need to pay special attention to corners or blind spots.

Visibility: Staff members on duty need to be clearly and readily visible to students, by wearing bright-coloured vests.

Clarity of Roles: Supervisors need to clearly understand their roles (e.g. being on time to ensure coverage at the start, during and at the end time of duties, being aware of inclement weather duties). The one or two minutes that a duty is not covered could be the time when a student gets injured.

Rules: Ensuring consistent understanding of rules and expectations of student behaviour (e.g. WITS and LEADS; MENDing conversations; yard boundaries, safe use of climbers and other structures, etc.).

Covering Absence: A reminder to staff that it is each teacher’s responsibility to arrange for coverage of supervision duties when absent due to a class field trip; also, if a teacher is absent and has a before-school supervision duty, it cannot be assigned to an Occasional Teacher, and needs to be switched, in advance, with another colleague. Thank you for ensuring collaboration, and for supporting each other during these circumstances.

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Lock Down/Hold and Secure at Recess

If a Lock Down is called during recess (threat inside), the doors will immediately lock. All staff and students outside will need to make their way to the evacuation site: Golf Course Club House (main yard to go behind white garage across the road and to the club; kinder to walk down front sidewalk).

If a Hold and Secure is called during recess (threat outside), a triple bell will ring and all staff and students will come inside to their classrooms immediately. Further instructions to come.

A reminder that staff & students need to STAY OFF phones during this time.

Student Snapshot

Please update these in your OT file. Highlight students in your classroom. Staff needs to be aware of all high need students and respond as per snapshot plan.

Sensitive/Confidential information - Fisher Boys

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