Protestant Reformation

By Hunter Mochel

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Martin Luther

Martin Luther was born November 10th 1483. He was a christian that believed justification was by faith which means that just being christian and believing in god was enough but the pope did not so that is why the protest started. The pope thought that you have to give him offering for god to except you and that the bible was the sole authority in the church. He felt deeply about the fact that the way of the past was the right way that the church should handle things.

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About The Protest

In the 1850s, Their was many Protest all over but the first act was Martin Luther when he hung the Ninety-Five Theses to the castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. Which set off a chain of effects of people protesting for their religious freedom and to get to the church back to what it use to be in the past and The emperor signed a document that people could kill Luther and would not be punished.
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The Effects Of The Protest

One of the results is that Europe was divided into two groups. The south was Catholic and the North was the Protestant also their was many changes in economic and political and many different churches were created. In the end Martin Luther built a church for the protestant religion and from that religion, it made many more different types of Christianity that spread all over the world.

Assessment Question

They demonstrated their beliefs by sticking up for what they believe and doing whatever it took to try to get their religion back to the way it was in the past with help of the other people but in the end Europe split into two regions of religions.
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